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The opportunities that have been presented to me are too great to pass up

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Joined: 03/27/2013

So I've been doing that daily gratitude drills and wow some amazing stuff is happening.

Today I had my open house for college next fall and I learned all about my classes and shit and the abundance of career opportunities. Instead of worrying about how I will complete this challenging coursework, I found myself spontaneously thinking "These opportunities are just too great to ever watch my self fail." I just feel crazy motivated because I'm just too lucky to not work hard, I have no excuse to be lazy.

Joined: 02/27/2012
That's fucking awesome. Keep

That's fucking awesome.

Keep this up and see what happens.  You'll create this ability to open your mind up to opportunities all the time... so much so that you won't be able to stop them from coming.

Couple years ago I was looking for new business and money making opportunities - I developed the ability to open my mind up, and the opportunities just kept flowing to me.  So many that all I could do was sit back and sift through them, and eventually choose the best of the best.

The important part though, is after you've chosen your desired direction, to stick with that UNTIL.  Massive opportunities will still pop up, so you have to learn to ignore the shiny objects while working towards your Chosen route.

Keep up the Gratitude.  The inspiration and creative ideas will keep coming to you non-stop.  You'll always be 2-steps ahead of the competition at all times WITHOUT TRYING! ..... there's no more powerful way to succeed in business than this, or anything really.