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me: What's up I want to meet you

her: You don't know anything about me

me: Well are you a loud chewer, I don't think I could handle that (she basically told me she wants me to screen her so I did) 

her: No, but I'm not a slut and some guys don't like that (angel with wings emoji)

me: Operative word 'some guys'

her: I concede

me: Good. So you're not like a sociopath or anything (more screening, she's hawt so she needs it)

her: Quite the opposite. Being brought up with brothers, I'm pretty chill. Are you a murderer?

me: Haha yah you must be super chill. I have 3 brothers and one lucky little sister haha

me: Not anymore, since meditating I no longer experience my usualy nightly blood lust

her: I feel your sisters pain. Then again, I only have three brothers so I have it a bit easier! 

her: And I noticed you avoiding the question. I was like "where's that unmatch button?"

me: Haha no I didn't avoid it silly ;)

me: Yah still 3 is a lot of brothers tho. Not easy being the only girl

her: Just making sure! And no it's not. But I deal with it. Some great things have come out it though; I can game like a boy, fish, wakeboard, ect.

her: And by game I mean N64 James Bond Golden Eye

me: Woah your tinder stock just went up in my books!! Those are some suhweet games (allowing her to earn my approval, qualifying)

me: You're not from Toronto are you?

her: No. I'm from Oshawa (40 mins away)

me: Oshawa huh. I heard the habitatns there aren't allowed to leave...ever (push game)

her: Lol it seems to be that way. I na couple of years, I'm out, plan on living in Bermuda for a while! 

me: Haha well in the meantime, let's get you to sneakk out to Toronto for sum patio drinks

her: Yah if I decide you are worth the trip, I wouldn't mind ;) (she's cooked)

me: Well I'm actually batman soooo what more could you want ;) (being facetious, not throwing away my value by qualifying)

her: I'm going to jump off CN tower right now, going to save me?

me: Hah that's elementary stuff but sure! 

me: What's your number, we're taking this off the crazy world of tinder

her: Give me one good reason besides being batman

me: I was voted karoake champion on my cruise ship circa 2011, no big deal (sardonic qualification hah)

her: number

Now we've moved to text game and it's going well! Problem is she is far so logistics may suck but fuck it

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Lol nice. At some point

Lol nice. At some point pretty soon you're just going to really internalize this whole thing, the rhythm of it and you'll be teaching us shit about it. 


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This is cool :)

This is cool :)


The die is cast

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Solid dude. On line 3, what

Solid dude. On line 3, what made you realize she wanted you to "screen" her? And what exactly do you mean by that

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bump this is a sexy convo

bump this is a sexy convo