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been dabbling in pof but as with texting I suck at it.  This chick is pretty hot but the convo never really went anywhere and my attempt at the number failed...please critique

ME:  pretty sure if we date it will be like christmas every day...yes I've been compared to santa clause :)
Her:  So ur married fat and have magical reindeer?
ME:  Well when you say it like that it sounds way better than what I had imagined. Show me a girl who isn't a sucker for magical reindeer and I'll show you a liar! So are we watching the next UFC together because I've already booked us a table. It would be rude not to accept

PS if you don't respond I'll start hurling insults your way :)  (referring to something in her profile here)
Her:  Nice! I expect guys on here to go from sweet to mean in a day..... No magical reindeer for me limes disease must suck!
ME:  It's what we do best...builds our confidence :). So what's your name xxxxxxxx? And are you a fitness freak because you've got some pretty serious abs on you...
Her:  Name is xxxxxxx..... I do workout not a freak I tone up really easy
ME:  ya I'd say so. I'm not a huge fan of this internet message thing as I'm pretty sure it makes me and every other guy feel somewhat creepy....shoot me your number if you feel like chatting some more :)
Her:  I don't even know your name
ME:  girls and their logic! It's killaB, but my mom calls me killa

probably should have given her my name before asking for her number :)
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You might have to actually BE

You might have to actually BE INTERESTED in her. I might be wrong here, but it seems like you just put on a show for her , without really building any connection between you two...

Not that I would try to salvage much though. She doesn't seem too have much investment, and she's got 30 other guys messaging her each week, so why dig through your messages to find you again instead of just talking to the next funny guy?

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Yeah talk some more about

Yeah talk some more about "real" shit, which you guys actually started to do! But then you cut thread and asked her to text you lol. 


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