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We all love a good slut. However we all also like to see a strong feminine energy which has nothing to do with  blatant sex at all. Now, there are a few famous women who when you watch them they are absolutely mesmerizing, beyond the physical. I wouldn’t fuck them but they’re really nice to look at and it makes you feel like “word this is a woman, full expression of her power without trying”. Yet, I still can’t get it up for them. 

Of course, We don’t know these women in person nor their character but you and everyone else knows they are what you can term as “different”. Full confidence, full expression, authenticity and classy. That’s the shit. Even though you don’t necessarily want to fuck them, you appreciate the force of nature before you. The classiness isn’t a put on. It’s more of this humility that’s not pathetic. In fact it’s really compelling. It’s like true confidence but like the woman version of it. 

An example is the soul/Jazz singer Sade. I would never fuck her. Ever. And she’s hot. BUT I, and millions of others stand in awe of her. Watch her during old performances or interviews and you’ll see that this is a woman. 

Now, there are people out there who are absolutely in lust of her. I am not. That doesn’t mean that I can’t stand in appreciation of her essence. Ok she is just like all the others, all women have problems but the point is that she’s  not afraid of herself. 

Thats like a 1 in 100,000 type of woman. Probably even more rare. Not at all afraid of themselves. There is no put on. There’s no act. It’s just her and of course you’d be dumb af to think a woman like that doesn’t have real game out the ass. 

YET I would still never fuck her. It’s so fucking strange and I’d like to know if anyone here has this kind of pseudo “Madonna whore” complex going on, where you can’t sexualize certain women because you’re too respectful of their “feminine power.” 

It’s so chode to even think that way. I should be able to grab a girl who I sense a similar energy from out there and rail her ass like an animal just like anyone else. Why the fuck not? 

This points to a larger issue and I’m sure I’m not the only one. Sex shouldn’t be limited to sluts and whores. And I’m sure sade is both lol.

Niggas is heavily mentally sick, I wish to not soil the “sanctity” of these women.  

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Yes I imagine you would have

Yes I imagine you would have this problem, buddyboy. I should have something done up later on today will explain a bit more. 


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