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Practice Makes Perfect, Right? Freedom of Outcome Texting

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So basically I was out last night and just having a good time with one of my best friends. I go through instagram, see this chick who I think is cute, like her picture. The girl was the oneitis' bestfriend. I didn't think much of it. I hooked up last night which was sick. I didn't have sex but I know where I went wrong with this. I'll be out again tonight.

Anyway, after the liking of the photo. That chick immediately hit me up again, so I thought "Fuck it, might as well practice my text game since this thing prob won't end well as they are best friends."

Here's the convo. Be as critical as you guys can be if you'd like to comment, I'm trying to improve as much as I can. Got a few other text threads going.

Her: #(myname)iscreeping

Me: I am?

Her: My insta LOL

Me: What did I do?

Her: liked a pic from like 15 weeks ago hahahahaha

Me: Pfft, that's not creeping I could've done worse lol

Her: Oh lord aha

Me: That's a joke, relax. Don't go all big headed on me now :p

Her: ahahaha Oh shutup (girl emoji)

Me: Why ya up so late? Isn't it past your bedtime (was like 2 am)

Her: I just got home haha

Me: What were you up too

Her: I was just hanging out with (Mutual Friend)

Me: Don't know her. What'd you two do? 

Her: (says her full name)

Me: Oh (her name). Yeah nvm lol she's cool

Her: ahahaha yeah she is

- Pointless texts, then I decided to have fun -

Me: You ever had those pizza flavored gold fish crackers? Fucking orgasmic.

Her: LOL

Her: No original fishies are where it's at bro. (wtf.. don't call me bro)

Me: Lame. Man, this musics phenomenal, you like Green Day?

Her: Fuck no LOL 

Her: Are they even still around or...alive? (crying laughing emoji)

Me: Did you just fucking say that?


Me: What do you mean are they still around or alive?!

Her: LOL

Me: I'm so offended. You're done in this town. Pack your shit!

Her: LOL stfu

Me: (talk to the hand emoji)

Her: Hahaha shutup

Me: Last time I checked, hand gestures didn't require talking ...  ahaha

Her: Go creep my insta some more with (The friend I was with)


Her: (Hand clapping emoji)

Me: (Friend's name) wasn't there, leave him outta this! He's a classy fuckin' broad (sassy emoji)

Her: Ahahahahahahahaha


I stopped replying. 

Basically I am going to just try my best to transfer my personality into texts. The only thing holding me back from throwing in sexual inneundos in this convo with this specific girl is the whole best friend situation she's got going on with the other girl I was gaming. I might as well do it.

I think this situation might be on as she always initiates and stuff. I'll prob invite her out for drinks in a social gathering context and isolate. What do you guys think?


"Veni, vidi, vici." - Julius Caesar

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Yeah I think social invite is

Yeah I think social invite is a good way to make the invite, if she's attracted it gives her plausible deniability to meet up and let things take its course.

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Joined: 07/22/2014
I was thinking the same

I was thinking the same thing. I will follow up with this chick as well. My other follow up with the "LJBF" chick, is going to take more work than these other broads


"Veni, vidi, vici." - Julius Caesar