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Wrapped up my semester and got obliterated throughout the day / night. Forgot that I had a date before I hit a school event up and I was completely smashed. I had been texting this chick and she's actually chill. Tinder date or whatever so it was first time meeting her and I was hammered. Date went ok -lot of vibing. She made a comment that it was obvious I had been drinking and she called the date average lmao. Which I take as a compliment all things considered. ( she woke me up by calling me so I was late etc) just texted her a bit - I'm wondering do I even address this shit? Is this shit even relevant? Seems like I'm overthinking it and I should just carry on like normal - maybe make a joke out of it.  

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Yeah just make a joke out of

Yeah just make a joke out of it. You got smashed after finals it makes sense


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