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Turning some journal entries into articles:
No thought stands still.  Nothing in the Universe stands still - the planets, stars, galaxies - everything is made up of energy, even at the smallest form atoms move around at high speeds and atoms themselves are made up of moving energy.  Nothing Stands Still.

All day long we have thoughts, some low level barely noticeable, and many high level which dictate your life.  Your ego blaring 24 hours a day, beating you up with unsuccessful thought patterns - society conditioning constantly feeding you shit.

All people have this problem, even the most conscious people like Eckhart speak of having thoughts all day.  He just chooses not to follow all of them.

Every thought in your mind either takes you towards your goals or away from them - no thought stands still.  They are either helping or hurting.  All of your goals in life are ultimately happiness.
So how do the Successful Few, gain control of this mindless bantering, and take full control of their minds, their lives, their achievements and success in life?  Not all of them know how exactly as it's mostly just their natural way of behavior.  The 0.2% of people who become multimillionaires, financially abundant and totally happy with their lives.  They have control over their minds and thoughts - most of them can't even teach it right as they don't fully understand how the Unsuccessful Many are stuck.
Every thought in your mind is either helping you get where you desire to go, or it's taking you away from it.
When you slow down to notice them, pick them up and analyze them, it becomes clear to you which ones help and which don't.
Judgments, opinions, negativity - practically everybody lives by these destructive thoughts.  We all take it as normal as so many do it - but I assure you They Are Not.
Negativity is a disease in the mind - all of these things which we take for normal as 99% of people think that way - it is not normal, and it is only destructive to your own success and ultimately your health.
The good news is the solution is incredibly simple.  And it's definitely not 'trying' to think positive.  We simply remove everything that doesn't help.
You become present to the moment... just appreciate where you are, look at nature, feel your body.. just be and enjoy that feeling.  Then look at the thought and ask, "is this thought helping me or hurting me?"
Anytime you notice yourself judging somebody, "why did I judge this person?"
Anytime you notice some emotional reaction to something, "does this make me feel good or bad?"
Don't beat yourself up about it, just look.  Judgment is weakness, Observation is Power.  Your awareness is all that's required.
Anything that doesn't help you, is hurting you - when you slow down enough to look and notice, your subconscious then instinctively knows what's best for you and removes those negative thought structures.
Anytime you notice a thought, "does this thought make me feel good or bad?"  "If bad, is it helping?"  Just look at it and let it dissolve.
Ask yourself frequently, "am I at ease with this moment?"  "Am I allowing or resisting?"  This snaps you in the present moment & observing what's going on inside.  If you are not, then observe why!  Once you have observed and the answer has been revealed to you, feel it and allow it to be.  Once that time has passed then ask yourself again.  Rinse and repeat, simply by asking yourself this often you will reveal to yourself all of your hidden discomforts.
This really is 'learning' to take it easy~
Your ego may tell you, yeah yeah I'll do it later, or that you already 'know' this and do it anyway.  Do you really?
Are you at the point where you've conditioned your mind so much, that it instinctively knows to never bring in any thought unless you ask it for a thought?
Do you only reach for the thought that feels best in every moment?  Are you actually living where you desire to be, financial abundance, luxuries, gratitude and love in every moment of your day?
If not, the chances are your ego has convinced you that you don't need this stuff, that you'll figure it some other way.
The truth is there is no other way - the Successful Few in this world already think this way.  It's not that the rich and successful do not care about the poor or less fortunate, it's just that they see no benefit in giving the time of day to consider those irrational thought patterns and behaviors.
The next time you find yourself saying "I don't care", switch your thinking to "it's not that I don't care, it's just that I don't see how this holds any benefit to me."
Focusing on only the thoughts that feel good in any moment, really is the key to success as thoughts have to find their vibrational match.
It's so easy to pick up your thoughts and just analyze them.  The problem then, is choice.

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get rid of it

There are two ways to go about achieving success in your life:  the easy way or the hard way.

I've come to realize that people usually glance over what I actually mean when I say that by having your natural Success Mindset, all of your desires in life are easily achieved.

I don't mean this lightly, or to be misinterpreted as easy but still so much hard work and difficult times ahead.  I mean when you have regained your naturally successful mindset, the one you were born with, the one that all children have who haven't learned to speak or let society break them down just yet - you can achieve anything you 'want' without effort.  It is like riding downhill on a bike and strapping rockets to it... effortless fucking ease~

Most people don't 'believe' this or even know it's a possibility, because they've lost their natural mindset and have no idea how to go about getting it back.  Their minds have been polluted with all kinds of negativity, opinions, 'beliefs', and other people's lack and scarcity thoughts.  None of which hold any value to you, or are even real.
The Universe is an ABUNDANT thing.  There is never any lack of any kind besides the kind created by our limited egoic minds.  Abundance is just the way of things - you were meant to achieve great things in life - to enjoy and be plentiful and abundant with health and happiness.  Some think that there is not enough to go around - that the world is polluted, the economies can never be fixed - this is utter bull shit.  Life is abundant, there is never any lack - that's an illusion created by your mind to keep you trapped and 'safe'.
If humanity were to vanish off the face of the earth, life would just keep on going.  The earth would heal itself and a new species would evolve to gain consciousness.  It's just the way of the Universe to be plentiful, abundant and grow.
"Every man has the natural and inherent power to think what he 'wants' to think, but it requires far more effort to do so than it does to think the thoughts which are suggested by appearances.  To think according to appearance is easy; to think truth regardless of appearances is laborious, and requires the expenditure of more power than any other work man is called upon to perform..."
"To think health when surrounded by the appearances of diease, or to think riches when in the midst of appearances of poverty, requires power; but he who acquires this power becomes a MASTER MIND.  He can conquer fate; he can have what he 'wants'."
Why is it that people think success must be hard?  Why is it that people think it requires hard work and sacrifice?  These are of course true when you look back upon what you've created, but at the time of creation, there is only inspired action - nothing holds you back, and you just keep going without effort.
I don't do hard work, and neither should you.  The keys to creating your desired life, are to feel good always and take it easy.  There is no 'trying'.
Eckhart teaches people to accept what is.  If you aren't enjoying or feeling enthusiastic about what you're doing, you must learn to Surrender and Accept It.
The reason so many fail to fully understand this point, is because of underlying issues of negativity and lack mindset which they are blind to.  They do not understand that they are still being negative in their daily lives, and have deep seeded insecurities they still have yet to work out.
My mindset mentor wrote something on this which nails the point perfectly:
"Negativity is basically a resistance, or a refusal to accept what is.  Accepting what is, is basically enlightenment.  So negativity is just about as far away from enlightenment that a person can get, which is why I have such a passion against the negativity that surrounds and consumes so many lives.  In the world of personal development, negativity obviously has no place as I'll explain.
"Negativity covers a lot of areas, such as irritation, anger, impatience, depression, resentment, despair, envy, pain... basically you name the bad side of emotion and negativity dwells there.  Anyone who believes that to be near or around this sort of thing, is good or useful in some way is either just insane or unconscious.  As no sane or conscious person would 'want' to let themselves be subjected to it.
"The problem is our ego, as it 'believes' through negativity that it can manipulate reality and simply get what it wants.  Our ego 'believes' that through negativity, it can attract a desirable condition or it can remove or rid itself of an undesirable one.  Unfortunately, this is just insanity, as unhappiness does not create happiness.  So why 'try' and create unhappiness in the pursuit of happiness?  But that is what negativity directly does... if that isn't insanity then what is?
"This is why a logical mind, or just one that is trying to become conscious, automatically turns away from negativity.  Our sub-consciousness instinctively tells us that we are heading in the wrong direction and we need to turn around.  The truth is of course that negativity does not work or deliver any real benefit to us.  Instead of removing something we don't want, it keeps it in place and instead attracting something we do 'want', it keeps it away.  There really is nothing clever at all in negativity that can be a benefit to us.
"In fact the only useful function of negativity (though not to the people studying the way) is that it strengthens the ego, which is of course why the ego loves it.  The more negative the person, the bigger the ego and obviously the more deeply insecure the person.  The problem is that negativity is like drug food in that it's addictive.
"Once you've identified with it, you don't 'want' to let it go.  And what's more, on a deeply unconscious level, you do not 'want' positive change.  As positive change just threatens the identity of your ego as a depressed, angry, or hard done by person...  There is nothing natural in negativity.  It is like a disease in the body and just because we accept it in all people, does not mean that they are not suffering from a disease."
When you learn to drop your negativity, your lack/scarcity thinking - you are left with your natural Human mindset.  Which is of course, feeling good and taking it easy.  Gratitude and love.
We don't do hard, that takes effort and goes against the grain.
We don't 'try' to think positive thoughts.
We stay conscious and observe without judgment all of our thoughts and emotions.
Those that hold no value to us in moving forward will just dissolve and go away.
When we get rid of the deep seeded insecurities in our minds, we are only left with Success.
It is our natural state of mind.  It is enlightenment.  The essence of Eckhart's teachings is to Accept What Is.  To live fully in the present moment and just enjoy being.  When every moment is the best moment, you are living in enlightenment.. the 'kingdom of heaven'.
Now how does this state of mind correlate to achieving success, being financially abundant and attaining everything you desire?
When you learn to take it easy and feel good all the time, you are free to create.
You surrender to what is and live fully in the moment all of the time.  No past, no future, Now.  You begin to appreciate the now and all the small mundane things become enjoyable.  To really, really ramp it up, go and get Grateful.  Go and see what you're grateful for in life - look at what you 'want' to have happen in your life, and actually go and get Grateful for what you haven't got yet.
By feeling grateful for the things you desire in your life, by having them before you get them, you teach your subconscious mind to go about getting them for you.  You create through conscious intention.  It really is magic.  Magic is just science we don't yet understand.  Though we are quickly beginning to see the truth through study of Quantum Physics and other breakthroughs in science.  There are so many things going on behind the scenes that we have no idea about.  When you first learn to use your mind and implant an intention correctly, it really is just mind blowing to actually see things in your reality shift and bend to deliver exactly what you ask for.
Call this spiritual, wishy washy, woo woo, whatever you want.  It doesn't change the fact that this stuff actually works, and has been taught by every success teacher and successful person in the history of the world.
By not removing all the layers of crud in your mind, keeping negativity of any form including stress, overwhelm, worry, fear and keeping judgments, opinions, beliefs - you are not free to create.  You go against the grain and achieve success the hard way.  Your ego falsely 'believes' that the way to solving problems is by focusing on them - you do not focus on what you don't 'want', you focus on what you desire.
The next time you say or do something negative, go inside and observe why.  Don't judge though... just observe why.
Negativity does not exist in the mind of a successful person, whereas unsuccessful people 'believe' it makes them more.  The only benefit to negativity is that it's a sign post that shows where you've not been present.  It is impossible to create on demand when you are still insecure and think bad of others.  Judgment is weakness, Observation is Power.
Consciously spend the time to notice your insecurities and see how they hold no benefit - when you have rid yourself of the disease for good, get Grateful for everything you desire, then watch them grow in your life as you take inspired action.

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There's a lot of 'spiritual'

There's a lot of 'spiritual' stuff in my writing, but that's only because the spiritual teachers are really only teaching Success.  Most of them just either don't or can't apply this to making money.
Learn the spiritual stuff, then figure out how to apply it to money - after all money is just a form of energy, it's just an exchange of value.  Learn to give more value than anyone else, but do it in a way that's easy for people to pick up and understand.  Give them what they ask for, with your higher understanding and energy behind it.  Learn to 'dumb' your value down in a way.  It is up to the Conscious few, to accept and teach by example for the Unconscious many.
If you desire to be rich, always Go To Give and never go to get.  If you desire acceptance, then go give acceptance to others.  If you desire love, then go give love to others.  The energy you give out, is the energy you shall receive.  The more you give, the more you will receive.  This is the Law of Reciprocation.
I know I will be successful, even more successful than I am now, because I always go to give and expect nothing in return.  Only good things happen to me because I give nothing but good to others.  When somebody does me wrong, I don't think of revenge, I go and do good for some other people instead.
"Financial abundance really is the greatest form of spiritual expression there is."
Make yourself successful, become financially abundant.  There is nothing wrong with 'wanting' to become rich.  We all strive for continuous advancement in life, it is just our instinct.  The moment we stop, is the moment we begin to decay and die.
Go about making money with the intention to give back.  Always go to give, never go to get.  The more you give, the more you will receive.
When you've acquired everything you could possibly ask for, go about giving back and change the world in a big, positive way.
Success is a flow of energy.  Keep the money circulating and keep on growing and learning and giving.  Success really is a journey, not a destination.
You've got to be happy now if you 'want' to be happy later.  Look at your desired life and Live It Right Now.
Don't buy into the bullshit.  Think Truth regardless of appearances - he who acquires this power become a master mind, he can have what he desires.
"I am grateful for the present moment, and the fullness of my life Now."

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awesome post. the ego can be

awesome post.

the ego can be extremely sneaky, sometimes I find myself very present to the point where I'm not even watching my thoughts because they are not there, and then a few moments later I have this thought that I wasn't present at all but stuck within a thought. Fuck you ego, you stupid bitch, I WAS PRESENT AS FUCK !

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Brilliant. These have brought

Brilliant. These have brought me a lot of value, thanks for posting. Feel free to keep em coming. Cheers