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Pickup Coaching
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So after the loser like post

i searched this site about verbals and etc


i see significal improvement women at the start hate me but when i am polite they give me the biggest smile ever

i have still appraoch anxiety and sometimes i just cant say anything

mostly i realize that game is conviction + escalation

i was out with a natural firend of mine and there is an aspect of this game that is purely unseen meaning i opened the girls he talked for a second and the 3 girls told them to go and have a foursome they even wanted to take photos with him.

guys what are your thoughta baout breaking rapport tonality and speaking like a leader

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Dude your post reads like

Dude your post reads like shit. You can't communicate clearly enough to be on this forum it seems 


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yea it is kind of all over

yea it is kind of all over the place.

i am sorry i was probably excited when writing this. plus english is not my mother tongue as the british say.


1. respect is everything , i mean the reason i lost my ex was the loss of respect

2.a natural friend got offered a foursome in 1 minute when we went out

3. i tend to freeze in cold approach pick up

Daddyjihad1 (not verified)
Whats your mother tongue? You

Whats your mother tongue? You can definitely read and write well enough to be able to respond and communicate with us. You’re just being lazy bro.

1)Capitalize sentences and punctuatw properly

2)Format your information properly. For example, dont just throw a block of text out. Use bullet points and numbers to break up the text.

3)Keep it simple, short, to the point but give plenty of detail

Easiest thing man if you want to get your shit answered on here...just make it clear and easy and pleasant to read