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Pickup Coaching
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I'm going to keep this pretty simple for the most part. Just a general idea of some of my texting. 

Chick #1

Me: i hope you can keep up drinking w/ me - *my name here*

Her: Have u seen my size .. Of course not

Me: when you get called into work :) *gun to head emoji*

Her: Ha ha ha

Her: Good

Me: mean little elf *disapprove emoji*

Her: I'm closing till 3 so I have the right to be *upside down smile emoji*

Me: i am too, grumpy :)

Me: i never thought our first late night together would be at work but it is what it is!

Her: Haha dream on playa playa

Me: i wish #virgin4life

Her: Haha mmmmmmmmhmm *laughing emoji*

Me: see you soon :)

Her: *blushing emoji smile*

-- Note - she then invited me to an all girls wine night when I got to work lol


Chick #2

Her: Are you free today?

Her: *waving hand emoji* *waving hand emoji*

Her: *angry face emoji* *angry face emoji*

Her: You haven't had sex with me you aren't allowed to ignore me (I've read and ignored all the messages she sent up until this one lol)

Me: ha! not yet

Me: and free until 3

Her: Pfr

Her: Pft*

Her: Come early dt and hang out with me I'm bored

Me: almost down there anyway

Her: Come to Starbucks

Me: k


Chick #3

Me: little *her name*

Me: you working @ ur bar tnt?

Her: I am I am

Her: You working?

Me: nope, i might come in for drinks though

Her: You should!

Me: only if you promise not to cut me off

Her: and miss what embarrassing things you might say or do, never

Me: i'm pretty tame.. you on the other hand, i have to see. i've heard some things

Her: Oh reaaalllly

Me: you closing?

Her: sadly

Me: pfft you're a disappointment

Me: i'll txt you next time we go out for drinks, what's your #

Her: Tell me about it

Her: *insert number*


Chick #4 (one of my fav girls)

Me: Sorry for breaking your hand! - *my name* :) (crushed it in a hand shake.. I always do this to everyone by accident)

Her: I'm calling the hotline

Me: .. we have a hotline?

Her: Yea. It's used for harassment. Abuse. You know lol

Me: i was just introducing myself.. someone's a bit of a baby.. hahaha

Her: I bruise easy : /

Me: i don't think it was that hard now!

Her: It was though! Let's be friends at a distance

Me: i am going to have to respectfully decline

Me: i'll buy you a beer and we'll call it friends up cose haha

Her: Lol. Sly.

Her: I would need witnesses.

Me: agreed. whoever started that whole "2's company, 3's a crowd" thing must have gotten stage fright.

Me: the more the merrier :p

Her: Haha oh boy.

- fast forward a bit here-

Me: did you get cut?

Her: Yea lol. I'm home now. You're still there??

Me: ya I just got back.

Me: wait so, what's with being a flames fan..

Her: I'm from there.

Her: and I love them lol

Me: I can totally respect that based on the fact that the canucks are shit lol

Her: I can't stand them. It's the worst part about living here.

Her: You're a rangers fan?

Me: they are shit and the fans are worse lol

Me: ya, rangers for life! text me, i'm about to head out, wanna save my data - *my number*

Her: *sends me a text*


Hope that helps some of you that have been asking. I try to keep it super simplistic. A bit challenging. A bit fun. A bit boss daddy. Lovin' it so far. Stellar results for me.


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nice one AP_Grappler, nice to

nice one AP_Grappler, nice to see how you game all your co-workers.

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Joined: 07/22/2014
It's a fine line, my man. I'm

It's a fine line, my man. I'm known as a player now but the girls still love it.. aside from maybe like 1? I just own the label and it works. I find if I get offended by it and stuff, it back fires and you become reactive to it. 

Some of these girls aren't from work though, just randoms I met going clubbing.


"Veni, vidi, vici." - Julius Caesar