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I've been using Whatsapp a ton in Latin America, and even here in Toronto I like using it.

Here's the pros-

1)  You can send voice messages.  The voice messaging is on point.  I've literally had conversations with girls where we'd send voice messages.  As you can imagine this is dynamite if your voice and verbals are on point.

2)   Its a platform that's very conducive to sharing images, or even videos.  I had a girl send me a video of her booty yesterday via whatsapp.  Awesome for sharing parts of your life.

3)  Video calls.  Once in a while I use this.  It can be awesome to catch up with girls you've already banged, or to solidify a lead.  It's different than a phone call because you can actually see each other, so its kind of novel.  I haven't tried this with North American girls, but this has worked well with Colombian girls for me.

The Cons are-

1)  In North America a lot less people actively use it.  Maybe 30-40% of girls actively use it.  

2) There's the whole "typing" thing.  They can see when you're typing which can kind of suck if you're trying to craft a message and keep editing and messing around with it.  

Daddyjihad1 (not verified)
Ya anywhere outside the U.S.

Ya anywhere outside the U.S. whatsapp kicks ass! Cool tidbits tolle.

Reminded me that I should be facetiming girls as another interesting dynamic for follow up game. KEWL!