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Ok, go get the tinfoil hat for me but I have a lot of experience with psychic phenomena in Game. Anyone who wants to hear some stories feel free to ask. It gets VERY trippy and you'll probably not believe me but I'm telling you, it's fucking real. 

​Anyway, this particular thread is going to be about a specific type of Phenomena I am noticing more and more in online Game and
​also seeing a correlation in real life. I'm sure all of you can relate to some extent or another. It's not exactly a WILLFUL use of psychic
​abilities, but just something that seems to happen when certain things are going on, or not going on in the outside world and inside yourself.

​Lets say you're at a 'hunger' or 'neediness" level of 5 from a scale of 1-10. You're online sending out your best DM's and it's working well. 3/4's of them don't reply to the first one. You message others who replied to you, and get back to the other ones a day or two later. Now they're almost all talking to you. Then, inevitably, some of the girls start pulling back. You wait a day or so and hit them up again. Half of them hit you back up. You leave everyone hanging and go work on something else. You turn on your facebook and you have DM's from some of the girls who didn't get back to you at all and likes on your pics from girls you didn't even think you had a chance with, so therefore you never DM'd but now they're on your shit. These women are all totally unrealted, they're all randos and don't know eachother, There is no club or secret society
​of women called "Superbs Rumor Mill" where all the women in the world show eachother your DM's and decide your fate. There is no

tangible social proof, except for whats being generated by all the new likes, which isn't that much. Throughout this whole little scenario, your neediness went from 5 to a 1 or a 2. The only thing that changed about you was your neediness levels and your rate of response. Your neediness level dropped the moment you decided not to get back to anyone and go work on something else. 

​Or lets say in real life. You're at the club, it's a general audience club but there are LEGIT 9's in there. You're with your friends, all of whom are being stupid, petty, immature and catty with one another. You, on the other hand, are annoyed with this and it's to the point where you simply do not give a fuck what happens. I mean, sure, you want to get laid but it's like whatever, I can take or leave that shit. You enter the club,  by yourself leaving your bitchy friends behind, not doing a single approach, and all of a sudden you are approached by a 9 asking you questions and giving you logisitical information about herself unprompted for the pull.

​Now, there's a magickal interpretation for this. It's called NON-ATTACHMENT/NON-DISINTEREST. Basically it's that sweet spot where you're not emotionally attached to an outcome, yet you're not rejecting an outcome. I guess in simpler terms you can say you're WELCOMING an outcome but you're not desperate for one. 

​IT's like guys who aren't succesful with women, at a psychic level are either sabotaging their success through excess attachement/obsession with/to outcome (The unconscious mind interprets this as doubt) or are REJECTING their success through being
​totally shut off and actively disinterested in success, due to various fears and changes they aren't ready to make in their lives (being more social, getting haters, losing their friends, religious issues, shame, guilt etc etc etc). 

​Therefore, things like excess attachment, obession with things going just right or happening etc are not just repellants on the level of 
​face to face subcommunication, but they seem to be interferences on psychic/magickal level as well. Same with being averse and disinterested. You can't simply explain away certain phenomena by saying it's PURELY psychological. There is more going on. 

​Ok, we can argue that on a one on one level, many women will receptive to various levels of thirst and neediness, and thats just because
​if you can frame it like it's your desire for them thats making you spaz a little bit, that can kind of counteract shit in the real world due to you actually taking ACTION, which can often (but not always) trump anything else, but theres a limit to how needy you can be and you
​will be much less powerful than if you wasn't needy at all. You can be interested and engaged without being needy, obviously, but you get my point. You can also channel and transmute neediness into sexaul arousal and desire, since it resides in the same class as neediness on an energetic level. Provided you build comfort and isolate properly, sexual arousal in your body can have a good outcome, if you
​escalate the right way etc etc etc.

​So, yeah, you can get results being utterly needy, it's a small little hack, but it has limitations. It's not gonna work on most 9's because
​you won't get that far to even flood them with sexual arousal. 

​Just a little thread I wanted to throw out there. Thoughts? Experiences?



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Yeah man, it is funny how

Yeah man, it is funny how your world can flip based on your intentions and mood. I think it really comes down to how you get inspired to take action, or handle a situation differently with a different rhythm. Now, wait until you learn verbal drills if you take coaching and notice how that changes how you feel and act, it's quite shocking.

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I'll be in Vegas soon to take

I'll be in Vegas soon to take the live program. I have enough for the Skype coaching now but I want some infield action with Manwhore (no homo). Lol.