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Posted an article talking about how pulling out is almost as effective as using a condom. But I took it down bc having learned about PR it could also just be misinformation presented as fact to encourage people to accidentally knock people up. So if that's the case I know there's some young kids on here and I don't want to post something that could fuck their life up at a young age. So disregard this post.

Also as someone said in the comments "we consider it irresponsible because youre 1 second away from "accidentally" cumming inside the girl. duh" lol

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Are you trying to create some

Are you trying to create some Google juice for your seo viral marketing campaign. 


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Lol no. I had originally

Lol no. I had originally included a link on this thread but I didn't want to delete the whole post and only leave "." in its place cause someone did that it had recently already been done and having 2 on 1st page would make the page look bad.