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Thurs night I was out sober and solo. I got there a little late so I was warming up and unwinding a bit when I bumped into a dance student I banged a few times off tinder. Its been a little over a year since we hooked up and haven't talked or seen each other since except for really briefly bumping into her on the street but I was with another girl so it was just a quick hey. We locked eyes when she came into the room I was in and there was slight potential for it to be awkward based on what happened last time. Fuck that. I waved/ordered her over to me and she made her way across the bar to me. We were just talking in the hall and she hooked pretty quickly, I moved a bit and sat down with her standing in between my legs and then she started gaming me. Her dude friend comes over, he was trying to get the number of a girl she picked for him - just a silly game they were playing. He comes over, they definitely banged before and are good friends now but he bounces thanks to her overwhelming strong hints lol. 

So now I start busting her balls saying that he chose me for her to pick in their little game. She starts gaming me again while trying to manage the friend whenever he comes around. We part ways for a bit and meet back up, she says her feet hurts and I was going to sit her down but she dragged us into the other room where there was no one else. Fuck yeah. I sit her down and shes already hot and bothered, I start making out and place her hand on my dick over my jeans, she starts pawing at it like there is no tomorrow. Its 30 minutes to closing tho and if I don't start making it happen its not going down tnight. I have her by the exit and she starts giving lots of resistence, she doesn't want to ditch the guy shes with and is worried about 'having car sex' if we go get my car. We end up at my car and Im parked in a really bad spot on a major street, so we get in and and I put her hands on my again to keep her occupied as I speed back to my place just a couple minutes away. We have a quickie, get dressed and get back at the bar literally two minutes before they kick everyone out so she can meet up with her friend again. lmao on the drive back she makes mention of how the whole ordeal took exactly 22 minutes. 

Just when we rolled up her friend was on the street and i give them both a drive back home. Huggeee mistake here. I dont have her number anymore since getting a new phone and the whole night several time we both make mention that she'll text me her number. Usually I would've made 100% sure to get it in my phone right then but I had just busted a nut and she was coming off sooo into me I was surprised she didn't pen her number into my arm, so I didn't even think to make sure to get it right then or earlier in the night. Alas no text as of yet, I'm going to search through my old phone later and hopefully I can find it. Either way she is working not far from me so I'm sure we'll bump into each other at some point.

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Haha, gangsta

Haha, gangsta


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