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Was at this house party last night. I see this girl smiling at me so Im like hey how are you. 

I take her and her girlfriend to get a drink w me.

I hold her hand, take them upstairs. Im cool w her gf.

At a certain point theyre like we're going to find out friend. Im like ok and get my girls # and kiss her bye on the lips.

I see her later and shes dragging this dude around. From the way it looks, they must have known each other from before, this guy is average looking and not a "boss" demeanor at all

our txt convo is:

her: Hey this is Catalina

me: Hey where u at

i see her dragging friend around, tell her to come to our bldng nearby for afterparty, kiss her on cheek

her: Can I bring a friend?


me: Is it that dude?? Lol

me: I'd like to see u

me: bring ur friend if shes cool

her: lol who do you know from sc

me: What kind of question is that lol

her: Lol I'm sorry

me: So you coming or no?

So my question is how you guys wouldve played this situation. Ideally I should have isolated her before she left w her girlfriend, but i was trying to just be cool about the fact they wanted to find their friend and whatnot

after when she's w this dude, how would you guys have played it?

Tool him in a way that's kind of friendly? she obviously knew him from before/ better than she knew me he def. didnt cold approach her

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not really feeling that text

not really feeling that text convo. It's aggressive but lacks any charm and that last text was kinda butthurt (as I've recently learned myself lol)

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Everything essential happened

Everything essential happened before the text convo. The way you handled it at the party = gay as fuck. For instance you held her hand and walked around. Gay as fuck. You looking for a girlfriend? You looking to assert ownership over a girl so all the dudes inside can see? That ain't pimp, dude. That's not how you get a girl. Unless you have SO MUCH swag that it supersedes all that. But you don't, mang. You're always looking to follow, to be part of the "cool kid" crowd. You got to step up and bring your own voltage, asserting your own dominance. 


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