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Hey, saw the video you made about introverts, it was very interesting to me how you said that basically there's no such thing as introverts, just sissies who are too afraid to interact with the public. I tend to disagree with that. Take me for instance. I'm not afraid of the public however I don't have any desire to make friends with them or socialize with them. I'm a nerd, to be blunt. My interest is in computers, history, books, etc. and not people. I don't see anything in most people that I admire or like or want to know about. I don't care about other people honestly. I have no interest in getting to know them. So that doesn't sound like fear to me. I don't think I am a sissy just for lacking the desire to be an extrovert. What do you think though? Is there something wrong with me? Maybe there's something I'm not seeing or understanding. Just asking because you're the expert.

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There's a difference between

There's a difference between being a "helpless" introvert, and someone that's competent yet just aloof. You sound like you lack the experience to really be making a proper decision here. You should certainly work to improve your people skills to a high degree otherwise you ARE missing out on a lot.

Intimacy with women is one of the best things this life has to offer. You will not achieve that by being a nerd. Take it from me, a Super Nerd


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