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Hey, I am at a place where im having some intermediate purg issues. I found manwhore on youtube and thought that the content was good, even though the newest content was 8months old . I was/am dealing with alot of cockblocks and manwhores advice for dealing with cock blocks sounds good and im gonna try it. HEres some of my issues.

When you Open in nightgame, what sort of opener do you use most often?


Do you wait for eye contact before approaching, or will you approach a girl without any Approach invatation?


How do you number close a bartender? (manwhore said in a video he number closed both bartenders, usually i dont talk to them in a social way)

Do you do qualification at all? or just go for the asap pull?


One problem I face is, if I open a set, I can say a few things, run some material, and none of the girls show much interest and I have to bail. any general advice for this?


Do you think RSD luke / michael sartains "vegas social circle game" shit is bullshit?

Lastly what do u think of brent smith style where you dont take numbers, you only give yours out?

You could make a video and tackle all these questions if u want, its an idea for content. thanks anyway! like your content!

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This doesn't sound like

This doesn't sound like intermediate purgatory it sounds more like beginner status lol.

I don't use "openers" per se, no sort of canned line anyway. It's not about the line, it's about the emotions you convey when you approach a girl. E.g. "it's not what you say but how you say it." Except most guys have no idea what that really means. 90% of guys approach women completely wrong relying on canned openers that don't work with their timid scared voices, avoiding eye contact, relying on the girl to carry the conversation past their initial awkward delivery of a canned line standing there expectantly waiting for her to speak with a deer in the headlights look in their eyes. You're better off getting vocal training or speech therapy for learning how to approach and talk to women correctly rather than pua material. And yes this training is of course covered in my training program.  

No I rarely ever wait for eye contact before approaching. In fact most of my girlfriends (stunners) as well as a large number of the women I've slept with had zero interest in me at first. Lol. 

I'm not going to explain how I get a bartender's number on a forum. You can join my training program if you want more details. Suffice to say there's absolutely no "one size fits all" routine for something like that, I don't care what anyone says in their sleazy marketing hyped up product sales pages. And it's not something a beginner without training is going to be able to execute. I've gamed with the best for a decade now, I know it all seen it all. Becoming a charming guys helps you get bartender's numbers, becoming charismatic, a social leader, developing masculine styles of self-expression, these are how you get a bartender's phone number.. not some bullshit magical line or routine. And yes those are all 100% trainable and impartable. 

Yes you always qualify, but in the end your very presence can be a qualifier. Your question"or just go for the asap pull?" is a fallacy. That shows you don't know what you're talking about haha. I've banged ridiculously beautiful women within minutes of meeting them. Some I've not even said a word to beforehand they simply got to observe me in a social environment and wanted me inside them. Attempting to paint everything as black or white, e.g. did I qualify them or not is simply beyond the bounds of such a dumb ass question. Haha

Running out of things to say without getting the girls to show interest means you have no game. 

Luke's game is great, I've not seen his product, yes his social circle game is pretty legendary.. but actually getting laid is a different skill set. There are plenty of guys with large successful social circles that don't get laid at all, lol. Or they bang the same tired chick over and over again even though they're both sick of each other. 

Brent Smith's style of game sort of sucks. Especially for newer guys. Read this on Brent Smith's game it goes indepth on it: Brent Smith expose 


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thanks for the feedback. I

thanks for the feedback. I wont bother defending myself, a couple more questions. I know you want me to sign up for training and I might.

A scenario I had recently, mixed 5 set w/ 3 guys 2 girls, hot girl appears to be single and giving me strong eye contact. When you go in on that set, do you open the girl first, and just game her and not address the guys? And i get it, youre going to be being alpha w/ strong fundamentals but, like technically how do you deal with the group?

I agree w some of what you said with qualifying, also i have had pulls in 5 minutes where i didnt have to qualify.

Luke doesnt do a cold approach style. He tried to say he gets 72 (6 new lays a month) lays a year in his recent product launch videos. I think pure bullshit. Sartain seems beta as well. I doubt their actual results.

Do you care to share your new lay count for a year? I know jeffy has said that he was on track for 32 a few years ago.

I wonder your opinion because you live in vegas and know the club scene. I dont see you advising to befriend all the doormen and the bouncers and the managers and the bartenders and the promoters.

I know that social circle style could only work in vegas, for average guys in average city, that product is shit.

I dont care to defend brent smith, I think his style is an advanced style if anything, and by not taking numbers and giving yours our, arent you leaving alot of girls on the table

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I'm also a begginer so take

I'm also a begginer so take my opinions with some huge grains o salt, but Luke doesn't seem to have as strong subcommunications as other advanced guys' infeilds from what I can see. Depsite different styles, I can feel that they all have something in common, which Luke seems to be missing. 

The only other guy who seems a bit 'different' from the group is Todd, whose a lot stiffer than the rest, but despite that he gets amazing results as evidenced by his infeilds. 

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I wouldn't focus so much on

I wouldn't focus so much on what each instructor is doing and why. They all have particulars styles that work for them. You need to be able to pick and choose or extract what is valuable and can work for yourself based on your strengths and weaknesses but more importantly, realize that game is constantly shifting and changing like Manwhore said. Canned lines and tactics will only get you so far if you have not internalized these mindsets that will allow you to be successful and you will end up looking for "the next best thing". 

I recently went to two of Jeff's new Hotseat events. Both very well done and educational. It's very interesting to get someone'a perspective who has been gaming 10+ years like these guys have. You can tell they've seen it all and it's hilarious to watch some of the guys ask questions to an instructor that they just immediately suppress or answer abruptly or condescendingly. It's not because they're assholes - everyone has a learning curve and is at a different level but you need to be able to stop looking at things as one off scenarios. 

Theres mechanics of game: Facing the girl head on, being aware of your surroundings, the dynamic, the friends, when to push when to pull, etc. 

Once these mechanics are dialed in, it's almost auto pilot and you really just have to figure out logistics and do an analysis of whether or not a particular group or girl is worth your time and what the possible outcomes could be. I wouldn't focus on: What do you do in this very, very specific type of scenario. The answer will always be, "Well, it depends on a number of things." 

Who are the guys in the group? How are the girls responding to them? What time is it? Where are they sitting or standing?  

Veterans of the game ive realized make these calculations close to instantaneously because again, they've been there done that and know statistically what will work best in any given situation. And guess what? If it doesn't work, on to the next.