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I get this number by gaming this chicks at an "After" who is by the way full of stifle administrative fucker, so when you are a natural asshole all the ladies are for you. Anyways we own, me and my boys, the little space we got.

At some point I tear appart the girl who watch the coat. Hilarity ensue & of course a girl see that and want part of it. I tear her appart too and we decide, one of my boys & me to play the gay card.

Work magic when you are a badass, you can grab chick and talk sex without her feeling judge since I wear the sheep costume on my Shark skin.

So this Megan want to see me again. Before going for it we were discussin my buddy and me about the "Girl Standard" bullshit most guys fall for. Full on external supplication, if a 6 get my dick hard for whatever reason, usually personality or feminity I FUCK HER, I don't give a fuck. MW also stunt that shit on my face "Why don't you fuck her Rael ?" (about a female who want me badly) and my reason were bullshit.

You have this imagery that TOP guys in cold approach fuck Playmate all the time and that's not true. At all.

So this girl got Balls and charisma. I discover the power of praising by reading this forum, I think it was Fuero thread, and MW advice "You shape her behaviors in a way that benefit you by acknowledging you like that about her. From a HV place, she is incline to repeat it"

So I grab her phone and text myself that:

Her: I love you.

#(Me writing to my number)#

Her: Asshole.

#(Now that's really her writing ;) )#

Next day:

Her: I got the impression to been hit by a bus. I'm hurt everywhere.

#Here I almost fall for the sexual insinuation that is a CLASSIC pitfall if I understand the text dynamics well. So I don't go the sexual road#

Me: It's my charisma effect, you will acclimate to it. Kiss Philippe.

#Philippe is a guy who text her and I was teasing their relationship#

Her: I don't remember this pretentious side. He kiss you back.

Me: I don't remember your faggot side, give me the arrogant Megan please.

Her: Me, gay ? Saying the guy who watch all the guys but at the party yesterday night. There were a guy with a beard this morning on your bed or did you come back alone ?

Me: Alone.

Her: It doesn't surprise me by the way you look.

# I do what we call a GHOST phase where her text is not worth any responses + I have girl flocking me everynight I go out "full abundance". I have other priority and couldn't give a fuck about this message, BOSS mode always on #

1 day later:

Her: You are not going to make me believe I really hurt you..

# GHOST phase was the right move #

Me: Friday I go out. You come with me, bring some girlfriends. I kiss you.

# I was testing a bit of cream in my juice since I'm too much raw and abrasive. In my perception it's gay but for girl it's like a hug #

Her: Apparently it's not a question. I got no friends just a girl who live with me in my appartement.

Me: You are going to love Zigzag.

Her: What is this place (haunted) ?

# That's where I would normally give up for this reasons:
1 My pussy mindset, the lack of leadership/decisiveness from women piss me off but this is a weird mindset. Women are suppose to be lead. By you.
2 I'm not a closer and bail out A SHIT LOAD. I was actually afraid of a meetup/pull; I never had the habit to do it so homeostasis kick in and want to remain the same.
3 MW is a dickhead ;) #

Me: It's a nightclub nail head. I need to see a friend on Champs Elysée we see each other around 19h then we enter the club. I think I beat you at dancing. No I in fact I totally own you on the dancefloor.

Her: I finish work at 19h so we see. And no, if I got champagne in my blood, it will be me the queen of the dance floooooor motherfuckaaaaaaa.

Me: What did you do ?

Her: I'm a student. I babysit 2 monsters everyday.

Her: I just check your "Zigzag", it seem oppressing and full of desperate people hunting for a one night stand. (I even see underage people)

Me: Drugs, illegality, sex and chaos. Perfect. But you can stay at home watching a show on national television if you prefer. In that case say it to me so I delete you from my phone immediately.

# That's exactly how me expressing myself from my core come out, I don't think twice and send that to her face #

Her: I don't look at TV for your information. In that case delete me and carry on.

# In my mind a part start to say "Ho no it's over blablabla" but then the BOSS mode take over. It's over when I win #

Me: No TV. +5

Her: We can see each other before and at 23h I let you go to your crazy partie.

# I don't know if there is a cause-effect of the fact: I express my standard to being willing to delete her, then reward her for something I appreciate to her comply like that to the meetup. Someone can give his opinions on that part ? #

Me: 20h00 in the top of Champs Elysée. Next to the C###### shop place. Wear something skin-tight and sexy so we match.

Her: You know damn well I will not wear this type of dress but do not fear all the men will be jealous of you.

Me: Arrogance. +3

Her: I go so fast in your esteem that I could finger my nose in front of you without losing too much points.

Me: Stupidity. -6

Her: Oups, I was thinking you will write "Humor. +7". You are really imprevisible

Me: Imprevisible. (3 * 2x - 6)

# I wrote that because that crack me up BIG time. This weird equation HAHAHAhaha. But it might be too much and I should have stop or switch back the vibe of the interaction from teasing/playful banter to normal conversation #

Her: There is a problem in your equation.

Me: Did you know that Inuit suffer from the seal protection campagn. Human being... what a joke.

Her: It suppose to make me cry or laugh ?

# Change her focus from the meetup to something else#

Me: Does it happen to you to read ?

# It come out sarcastic & agressive while it was a genuine question. However I don't really look at her response. (I tend to not listen to people and cut them off a lot. Me being an asshole.) #

Her: Tone down boy. It's like I say did you know that a Girafe could kill a Lion with a backflip ?

I dont respond to this pathetic attempt of humor in her last text & I wait for your opinion on that shit guys.

Also I need to figure out a logistic option for sex at the meetup. I live in the suburb and the meeting is in middle of Paris. I have a friend place so I will check with him.

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Ha, I like that conversation

Ha, I like that conversation and how you mentioned your thoughts. Got no advice but she seems pretty cool.


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You've got the tact of a neon

You've got the tact of a neon buttplug. Could you tone it down, please. Geezez christ man you've got to sweeten up a bit. You're too stuck on this whole "frame battle"/"I'm the man so I'm alpha dominant" concept and it makes you this weird inflexible block trying to stick himself in round holes. 


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