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Long time lurker.

Story of this girl is below - TL:DR is I did a text fauw pas that had a girl realize our history was purely carnal and she didn't actually know me very well. I'm trying to figure out how to get her back on the emotion train and understand the finer points of exactly how bad and why what I said failed.


I was out of town and met a girl off Bumble. Fitness girl. Hot. Kinda surprised how easy it was; something about being an outsider in a small town I guess.

I felt like my text game was pretty good - I ended up at her house for “tea”... “not sex”. She’s wearing an oversized tea shirt and we go up to her room to drink tea in her bed.

Note: Not sure the best way to share photos. I'm on an iphone and I only see web embed links here. Not picture uploads.

Anyways, I escalate and she puts up resistance saying “shes trying to be good” and sorta freezes up in this cute way with t-rex arms, but after some stop and go we’re consummate the Bumble date.

She becomes pretty obsessed and texts me a lot, asking if I miss her and shit.

I end up meeting her a second time when we’re in the same town by coincidence, hit massive resistance again - stop and go escalation, eventually we hook up. She came straight to my hotel, driving like an hour from her family's place, so there was obvious intent.

She’s enthralled again. Goes on a trip to Greece and can’t help but text me all the time. I find out later on she was telling everyone she was taken and seeing someone.

Eventually, (weeks later actually) after so many “please tell me you miss me” I respond in a less evasive way and say something along the lines of “I dont need to miss you when I have great memories”. I think I saw it on the forum ,but maybe not. If it was, it wasn’t a post by the elite.

Anyways, it breaks things. She goes “ I guess we dont know each other very well. And it’s only ever been about sex. Weird to see things in retrospect…” And no longer is she making the efforts to chase me.

I’m wondering what exactly went on here to release her from my spell and how I can recover.

PS: She's really insecure; every day posting on SC in her gym outfit about she can't stand the bit of "Fat" on her stomach. It's sad really lol.

PSS: here are the original texst. the In between from then to now is way too long to include.Somewhat out of order - short on time.  I heavily referenced this website and the text game posts in this convo - - - 

At this point, I call her and she gives me her address and I head over. She tells me my accent and voice won her over.

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Buhbs you need to at least

Buhbs you need to at least put them in order. 

Also.. your typos are... strategic. Care to explain? 


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You’re right, probably made

You’re right, probably made it difficult to read, although those tests were perhiphery to the question itself. Ending up resolving before I could return and clarify, so it’s all good. 

Not sure about the typos. Maybe I have some Freudian thing.