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ive had some issues in my relationship since we moved in together. 

Im putting it down to me turning weak in comparison to when we met and got together. 

stupid shit like worrying about her going behind my back at work. Being reactive to her moods when previously I wasn't and she was only reactive to mine. Overanalysing her actions because we're in a rough patch at the moment. Getting pissed that she isn't who she used to be because I'm not who I used to be. 

Question is how do I get back to being the old me?

do I sit down and write out qualities I had back then that ive let slip etc?

im not really sure how I quickly revert to my old self after months of unconscious action. 

Would greatly appreciate useful advice and input on this one 

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get some space and focus on

get some space and focus on YOU and making yourself awesome. she needs to do le same. it'll be better for the both of you. you still need a sense of independence so, take up a team sport, keep socially gaming and meeting new people, work out, push yourself. etc. 


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