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What do you guys think is the right frame with an exclusive girlfriend? What is the right exclusivity which is healthy for a relationship? I don’t think perfect exclusivity will work for a guy -otherwise he looses his skill and the girl will stop respecting him. Thoughts? 

I used to take numbers and getting on dates (not openly) and used to tell my gf that she is free to do whatever she wants as long as I don’t know. This way I meant to project that I am cool. She never really asked if I am doing the same. Turned out she was texting with bunch of dudes and sometimes dudes took her out. She told me that was because: 1. I appeared like I don’t care about her when I said she can do whatever she wants 2. She suspected I was doing something so she did the same. Not sure it’s the best way to frame it and the best outcome

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Where did you get the idea

Where did you get the idea that monogamy doesn’t work for men? Curious.

Telling your exclusive girlfriend she can do whatever she wants isn’t projecting that you’re “cool”. Where did you get that idea too? Even more curious.

I hope you’re starting to see the problems with telling her that

Joined: 09/03/2017
Yeah I am seeing problems

Yeah I am seeing problems with that for sure. The right frame is to be the boss where your girl is yours and it is sound and clear and you are basically the best for her so she has zero interest in taking it outside. 

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This is being resolved. Lol 

This is being resolved. Lol 


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