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Hey guys. Any tips for getting out my head in social situations other than using alcohol ? I haven't been going out much lately so I'm rusty appraoching and run out of things to say fast (gay i know). I read that going direct works in certain situations ? but I'd like to find a balance other than getting drunk etc.


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Yeah try to stay away from alcohol

Going direct actually does work... 

just don't walk up to a girl and say you want to fuck her, straight away. Work into it lol

Also listen to sexual music (r&b, rap)

i love listening to frontin' by Pharrell its good shit

dont listen to that disrespectful rap shit though. 

The songs I recommend are frontin' and For Free (Drake)

the point of listening to these are to get your head in that place, talking that shit. Know you don't want to say something like "tear that ass up" or "fuck for free"

You just want to be in that mental state you want girls to feel that sort of vibe. Balance it out with some TOLLE as while.

really listen to their words(focus on what they're saying) and take that in mentally so that you can at the flip of a switch make an interaction sexual with her. Verbally you need to be witty about it. There is no short term fix for this man, but hopefully the advice I just gave can help you some.

As for the long run, here's a 

pro tip: take manwhore training

Joined: 07/02/2014
Thanks for the detailed

Thanks for the detailed response man much appriciated. It makes a lot of sense and yeah I'm working towards the coaching :)


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