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Damnit. Recently got cut again by a chick. Was sorta seeing her, not really. Got a BJ/fingerblast but couldn't smash. She would just refuse lol. We made plans to chill but she got real dramatic with some noise like:

"Hey I was thinking about tonight and I don't think it's a good idea to go out ... I'm not really looking for anything and I think it's unfair to keep hanging out and wasting your time. I'm really sorry if this seems out of the blue. I would just really hate for things to get weird between us if it ended badly."

Me: Eh? Why would things get weird or end poorly? We're adults.

Me: Secondly, I think oyu have the wrong idea - I'm not lookng for anything, just enjoying the moment.

Her: Yes I know it was casual, I just don't think it's a good idea to keep hooking up with someone in the same section as me.

( At this point I took this as ok she is full of shit and either a: wants to hook up w/other guys, b: thinks i won't commit and is cutting her loss. )

Me: Em I don't bite haha.


My first question is CLEARLY i handled this shit poorly. Rip me a new one on how i could handle that? Leading up to it I felt i handled things ok. I was scared of beasting it because she's in all my classes but on the last time i brought her over i just whipped it out and she gave me head after being reluctant to anything other than titties. 

Secondly, I have a couple girls who are explicitly interested in me. So obviously I'm gonna go for them at this sick halloween party. My next question is due to the professional nature of where I'm at now, should I be more tactful / respectful by not flaunting other chicks in her face? I have fucked up so many times in this EXACT situation that I am infurirated at how predictible it is that I screw up here lol. 

Side note: Shocked that she affected me this much once she did this. I was doing my thing when I was in "control". Please rip me a new one since i'm obviously being a faggot about this. thanks. 

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And honestly I was really

And honestly I was really scrubby about pushing for the meet up hard a couple nights before that. This convo was thursday, the convo teling us to be friends or whatever was that saturday. 

Me: how were the beers

her: I'm kinda tipsy

Me: lol so i take it you'er going to bar review

Her: Heck no

her: Did you decide you're going

Me: No

Me: I'm not going either way

Me: I have laundry to do

Her: Priorities

Me: right

Me: Well how about a six pack and some ice creame

Her: Tonight? I'm so lame I just want to go to sleep

Me: Don't be a grandma

Me: we have class at 1030am

Me: I'll come to you if that makes a difference [ she usually comes to me ]

heR: I knowwww but i haven't made a dent in contracts

me: K we're making no progress here

me: what's your schedule this weekend then

Her: Nothing special plannned

me: let's do pizza n beer then sat

Her: Planning ahead again

Her: I could get behind that

Me: Gives us time to work hard

*Time elapses

Me: So you gonna pencil me in or should i have my people talk to your people about preliminary negotiations

Her: Law school jokes are the funniest

Her: I guess I can pencil you in

Me: lol right?

Me: k let's do evening 8 again

This was before that sunday. 

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youch. thats a tuffie.  what

youch. thats a tuffie.  what you did wrong was probably long ago if anything. Law students are crazy theyre so logical. it's so interesting how woman frequently get weird before it passes the sex line. 

she was obviously reluctant to meet up the first time and just felt like she'd give it a go. i could imagine her excuse this one time being somewhat authentic (only cuz shes in law). the one thing i could think of is that she has eyes for someone else shes baiting. perhaps even in the class or maybe the teacher!! lol

(something so funny to me is that you kinda lose value as a guy doing the same class or job as her. like the TA of the class could get laid or the superior at her job can get laid easy but it's not so easy for the classmate or the office colleague. whats funny is someone outside of that associated context of "equal" could actually have a lesser value job or position of importance as a "law student" but can still be seen as higher value because the "equal" association isn't there. make sense? like the pimpin truck driver wouldnt have the stigma of " equal classmate" 

now what i wouldve done is not talked to her at all about law, and totally talked about you OUTSIDE of law school and all the awesome things you have going on in your life. and treated the whole thing like you didnt even go to school together to joust the assosiation. give the impression like you just drop into class as a side gig.

. i'd like to hear others voice cuz it seems pretty dead she basically broke it off.  i could imagine hitting her up in a few months to check in on her in a friendly way perhaps. 



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Word. I just assumed she had

Word. I just assumed she had her eye on someone else and the fact that she's abandoning her social circle because her girl friends are crazy. Not only is she abandoning but she's forcing her way into my circle in class lol. so she could be cutting herself off to avoid drama in the circle later on, or my friends threw me under the bus cuz girls can have their alliances with girls. Whatever. Regardless, imma hook up with a girl this Thursday at our Halloween thing.

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that convo seems pretty

that convo seems pretty boring 

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Well fucked a diff chick that

Well fucked a diff chick that night. Was a dick to the other girl. To address your comments kdawg, there's virtually very little time. The school is hyper competitive and everyone kinda bonds on the fact that law school inherently sucks. I can say with confidence that I'm the social connector in my group, and section for that matter since I throw the fattest ragers at my pad. Ppl look to me for fun at school, which isn't really saying much since we're all nerds. The convos I have are generally teases and about raging for the weekend. The true social stratosphere tho here is getting a good "big law" job. That and being fun, cool person. Although I do agree professors/TAs/ppl in diff fields get status. Depends on the chick, job, and timing. Like no dude working some 35k job entry level will have more status than beings law student at a really good school lol. But some kid working finance might get the nod over me if it sounds prestigious/lucrative enough. She prolly thought I got needy since she's anti relationship. She also wanted to join my circle but my friends rejected her because she was trying too hard to fit in. Ironically my group would've accepted her if she just would've not forced the issue since she's actually a really chill girl. We're the " cool kids", whatever. It's all bullshit once the stratosphere is redefined. Pretty sure this is done which sucks but gotta do what you gotta do. 

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So I'm posting this not to

So I'm posting this not to brag, but really to try to learn from my mistakes. Some more stuff has occurred and I also did not mention some important shit that I am not proud of. 

So what probabl sealed the deal is 2 weeks before she cut me off we met up at a bar and she gave me a BJ. She took an uber ride home and then this texting ensues: 

Her: So the uber driver is wearing a pink fedora ... i think i may go for it.

And I send the absolute worst text ever. I'm like cringing writing this, but fuck, I'll write it.

Me: Ask him how my dick taste. 

Me: *Provides some halfass excuse*

I was on the phone w/my bud to recount the glory and was just being a huge flamer about it. I apologized after but I'm pretty confident that alone sealed it. She's also going on dates with some chode in class. And yea, I'm salty as fuck about it, but objectively, the guy is a chode imo. 

I'm really embarassed that I said some lame shit like that where I went tic-for-tat w/her. I should've just NOT responded to punish her for that retarded ass comment. So yea, fuego, you were right. Just like I suspected too. I dug my own grave here and I held back posting this because of how embarassed I was. But fuck it. I'm kind've a shitty person sometimes and honestly I hate when I do dumb stuff like this because I am so much better than this. Just sometimes I think my ego gets the better of me. 

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Dude there's nothing wrong

Dude there's nothing wrong with that man. Haha! The fact you got embarrassed and apologized tho..? Suicide.

What do you expect her to say at that point? She's got nothing, you nailed her to a wall. Enjoy it 

You're kidding me you don't see that. She HAS to fuck you now lol


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Derp. Really?? I mean you

Derp. Really?? I mean you mind explaining ? lol I thought I offended her as she always protested "YOU CANT TAKE ME TO YOUR ROOM ON THE FIRST DATE, I"M A LADY!" wah wah wah all this dumb shit that i would plow w/escalation lol that would result in her saying "i need to go home". she would literally bolt from my room until one night i just whipped it out from just not giving a shit at that moment. even then "We're not having sex!". Ok. After a long pause she finally just starts sucking lol.

I mean I think I can probably fuck her if I give it some time to reset itself. Party time is over so I can't get her drunk or have her see me spitting game at chicks for a while. Also, right now I think it's fairly awkward between us [ mainly my fault, i'd say ] She definitely is being cunty and flirting w/this kid during class who she went on a date(s) with and avoided eye contact w/me today haha. Only to send me a fb message later on in the night and then she went deadair.