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Ah it’s been a while since i sifted through RSD but man I cringe surfing RSD forums now. There used to be a lot of quality posters you could sift through back in the day.

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That's shit is garbage. A

That's shit is garbage. A bunch of pussies crying about their looks. Hanging around there cost me two lays.

If only those trolls had such a strong Frame in real life with empowering beliefs they'd be killing it. Too bad they choose to have disempoweing beliefs and that's why they do not get laid. 


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I wouldn't know, but

I wouldn't know, but I DID see one of "Father J's new articles where he embeds homosexual innuendos in his writing to his readers. Geezez 

Look out for the article coming out on that ;) 


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Joined: 01/31/2012
Ya that video was very cult

Ya that video was very cult like as they chanted Father J. Sigh. 

Whatever happen to cats like Fingerman, Distant Light, Matt82, FoodBuddha, JTR, Hydro.

Btw Jon did I ever tell you I grew up / lived right next to Cap’n Hooks place ( from Casanova crew ). Not sure if you ever spoke at his loft.