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Just put a phone call out to my manager about moving to Vegas, doesn't seem they have the same type of sales team/income level we have.

I want to move out there for a few months and I want to do sales. I got temporarily transferred to my company's other sales team which is paying 3-13x more per week than my other team and in my 2nd week selling their package I was only out-produced by 2 people on their team. One of them is the supervisor that gets 10 more hours each week and the best locations and the other was a woman who was one of the worst performers on the team who made all her sales in only 2 days who later thanked me and told me my talk with her had given her this burst in performance (I lost my patience with her and called her out for having a shitty, complaining, negative attitude and asked her why she was wasting her time if she wasn't even really trying to get sales).

So I've finally caught the taste of a well paying commission and I'm seeing I am actually a really good salesman when put on a more legitimate sales team and I now know there are casual work environments that allow you to make $60-80k working only part time hours. I'd like to find a job like that but am not well informed about different type of jobs/job titles out there that could offer these kind of results. Any recommendations?

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I don't have any information

I don't have any information for you. I'd do some searches on Google for sales industries in the area.. do some research on, maybe jump on some message boards and see what sort of commission opportunities are in the Las Vegas area. Medical sales would be HUGE to get into. Pharmaceutical and medical supplies sales will make you 6 figures easy. 


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