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This is the part of moving that sometimes I actually get a little emotional about. It's happened every time I've moved. SF-->NY-->DC-->SF

You got that one or two pieces who you've just had some crazy times with. They bring back memories of even the night you met, and the game you were layin' and how everything evolved. They treat you well, they don't get emotionally tied up in the whole thing.

The day I leave, I always make a point to give em' some good dick,  obviously, but also I really like just chiln for a minute. There's a silent bond between a man and a really consistent, solid, side piece though. That's all I'm sayin' 

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Just fly'em out to your new

Just fly'em out to your new digs, bruh. They love getting the D in a new city. Makes them feel like a slut again. 


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