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Scientists May Have Discovered The Real Cause Of Addiction

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Scientists May Have Discovered The Real Cause Of Addiction

We Heart It

We Heart It

Sean Levinson

Addiction is currently defined as a chemical dependency caused entirely by the way the body reacts to a certain substance.

But Johann Hari, author of “Chasing The Scream: The First and Last Days of the War on Drugs,” believes it is a vital element of one’s life that drives a person to addiction.

He recalls seeing an anti-drug commercial in the 1980s featuring an old experiment in which a rat was placed in a cage with two water bottles.

One bottle contained pure water while the other was laced with heroin or cocaine.

The rat became addicted to the second bottle and drank until it died.

Vancouver Psychology Professor Bruce Alexander, however, didn’t think the rat kept drinking the drugged water solely because it wanted to.

He hypothesized it drank the drugged water simply because it was in a cage and had nothing else to do.

Professor Alexander would repeat the experiment but in a different environment he called Rat Park. This was a cage filled with toys, tunnels, food and, most importantly, other rats to play with.

The rats were presented two water bottles, just like the first experiment.

They tried the drugged water, but not one of them became addicted or died.

Their happy environment, Alexander concluded, instead caused them to ignore the drugged water after drinking just a little of it.

Hari initially interpreted this to be a unique characteristic of rats.

This was until he realized that the exact same thing was happening to Vietnam veterans.

He remembers reading 20 percent of soldiers had developed addictions to heroin overseas, but 95 percent of them were able to kick this habit when they came home.

Once they went from a frightening environment to a happy one, there was no longer a need for drugs.

It’s the caliber of one’s “cage,” Professor Alexander said, that makes one an addict.

He set out to prove this theory by taking rats that had developed addictions and placing them inside the Rat Park.

These rats had consumed drugged water in isolation for 57 days straight and would once again have the drugs at their disposal.

One would imagine them to just continue their addiction, but after displaying brief withdrawal symptoms, they kicked their habits completely.

They adjusted to a happy life inside this new cage, which basically saved their lives.

This is why Hari believes the real cure for addiction is putting addicts in a positive, social environment.

The country Portugal proved him right about 15 years ago, when 1 percent of the country’s population was addicted to heroin.

Instead of arresting and jailing addicts, Portugal decriminalized all drugs and invested in establishing housing, jobs and clinics for addicts.

Addicts connected with fellow victims and were gradually re-introduced to society with a new reason to live.

The result was a 50 percent decrease in the use of intravenous drugs in the country.

Hari urges the world to follow Portugal’s example, surrounding addicts with opportunities for fulfillment and support.

And for those suffering from addiction, maybe it’s time you welcome them into your “cage.”


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Makes sense, mental illness

Makes sense, mental illness and child abuse run rampant in people with addiction issues.  Their caged in their own mind in a way and drugs allow them to escape.

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That's way too narrow a way

That's way too narrow a way of looking at this. The way to understand this is to understand that emotional states are also addictions. Social anxiety, approach anxiety, performance anxiety, even things like E.D., resentment towards women, being stifled around them, being afraid to "lead" them, or freezing up right before sex, etc. These are all just stupid addictions that the brain is wired to access when these conditions are existent. But as the article also states, for these to be removed they HAVE TO BE replaced with better options, choices of behavior, technical know-how, etc.

These addictive mental and emotional states won't just magically heal themselves. You've got to change your environment to change your results. Get proper training or simply work to desensitize yourself and after a usually indeterminable amount of time you'll get over it and develop the skills lol.

The dudes that have made progress in game have simply succeeded in beating a lot of their old emotional addictions. Which is great. Either that or they were naturals who were raised in an environment where it was normal to interact with wiminz. But if they keep working on the rest of their negative emotional patterns/addictions and they'll get better and better.

For example rather than feeling "helpless" and giving up when a girl doesn't comply to giving you her number, or leaving the club with you, or sucking your dick, you don't let that emotional state linger instead you stay positive and casual and KEEP WORKING to get her compliant

To a certain degree this is getting way too deep into theory and keyboard jockey psychobabble but the effects of this are actually SUPER common. Think about any Asian or Indian guy you know that complains that white girls don't like his race. He's ADDICTED to that idea and this BLOCKS him from adopting the right mindsets and subsequent behaviors that would make girls respond well to him. My Asian and Indian students have NO problems with white girls, but that's because I don't entertain those limiting beliefs they're fucking retarded. And the results speak for themselves. 

As another example you've got people that are addicted to the idea that guys that come off as leaders or "alpha", are douchebags, and so they never develop powerful communication skills themselves because they think it's "wrong". Believe me I know, they're all on my YouTube channel LOL. Or take Elliot Rodger for example, he was ADDICTED to the idea that women didn't like him and he needed to get revenge on them.


I go in and I'm crisp, clean and my vocals are fucking coming out like music. - Anonymous MW student

- Autismus Terminus Finis (Root Cause/Cure of Autism Epidemic)

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That's a really awesome way

That's a really awesome way of explaining things MW. Makes a lot of sense to me anyways.

Tolle defines addication as when you no longer have the ability to stop, but this way is a lot better and gives insight into how to break addictions. Tolle helps as well though, as always.

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Yeah that's a great way of

Yeah that's a great way of understanding/explaining it... your brain presents you with the shitty emotion+behaviour option of "this is scary therefore I won't do it".