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Screwed up text convo with girl - constructive criticism welcome.

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Number closed girl off badoo, transitioned on to whatsapp. At this point, everything was going ok, just regular chat.

Her: Hey you, (name) here.
Me: Welcome. So many weirdos on badoo, hope you're not one of them
Her: I think I am not one of them, maybe sometimes a little bit weird but not like that way (starts qualifying)
Me: Haha tru, whats doing tomorrow
Her: No plans
Me: Lets meet up 2-3 pm
Her: Yes I think that is ok
Me: K cool, I will just hit u up tomorro
Her: thats okay
Me: Where bouts in the city u stayin (sussin' logistics)
Her: In the city  (name of hostel)
Me: ok cool, a lot of travellers in ur room ?
Her: No twin room, better than sleeping with 10 people
Me: "*laughing emojii**, then i ask her for a pic, since i am not clear on wtf she looks like, so she sends one, i send a thumbs up
Her: **smiler face**
Me: So, i am thinking we just chill out, grab some ice-cream or some shit like that. Lemme know since I am in the city now.
Me: sends some stupid ass dude chasing a balloon using emojois (duno why)
Me: Im in city now, meet you in 15 (tryna make things happen now)

No reply.

I fucked it up. 1. Shouldnt have given her the opportunity to say "Lemme Know". thats a major fuck up. 2. Shouldnt have used the word "shit", just makes me look incongruent, since before everything was simple. Shes 19, and is coming across very shy and straight-forward.

Any way to re-engage, any extra tips and mindsets to have so this shit doesnt happen again. Fuck it feels so gay.

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I would have specified and

I would have specified and ramped up what you guys would do the next day right when you asked her about her plans.

Calling has worked more often than not for me too