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Seamless tinder text game and she flaked! What went wrong? (UPDATE: LAY REPORT sexy tattooed girl)

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I super liked her..

Me: I'll whoop your butt on the soccer field :)

Me: I was once a state champ lol

Her: hahaha yeah??

Her: I would like to see that

Me: Yeah ill rainbow bicycle kick all over yah punkin

Me: maybe even buy you froyo afterwards

Her: omg froyo!?? like, wow

Her: (Surprised looking girl gif)

Her: You wouldn't do anything, but i'm always up for a challenge (cool glasses emoji)

Me: lol I like that

Me: You're not a 400 lbs tinder cat fish right?

Her: I mean, I hope not

Her: haha :) of course not, ain't no body got time for that

Me: thank gawd

Me: whats your # i'm about to lose wifi

Her: #

Move to text

Me: Hi chickiepoo this is your team captain checking in

Me: I hope you've been training your corner kicks

Her: hahaha yeah

Me: I just drive through the fuckin tundra so much fun drifting

Me: What're you up to

Her: yeah? were you killing it though

Her: I'm relaxingggg, what are you up to

Me: course I was beb I drive a NASCAR

Her: blowing my mind (hands clapping emoji)

Me: I also fight crime on the weeknds so its a batmobile too

Me: How do you look in a cat woman suit?

Her: depends, you like latex

Me: yah I do, why do you ask

Me: do you collect designer condoms or something?

Me: (Crying laughing emoji)

Her: that'd be hella bouji (crying laughing emoji)

Me: haha we should rob a froyo shop or something you're fun

Her: Sounds illegal, lets do it B

Me: Whats your schedule like this week

Her: class every day except friday then work n soccer, you?

Me: its a busy one too. classes everyday, night class tue and thurs and work on wed,

Me: What time do you get out of futbol?

Her: I feel ya I feel ya, I have soccer in Wednesdays and sunday nights

Me: Are you free tomorrow evening?

Her: I have class at 2:50 till 4:05 then the gym but depends on the snow

Me: Yah ive gotta do the meat head thing tomorrow too :) lets froyo at like 7:30

Me: Youre pretty close so ill just pick yah up in the batmobile and we can do that

Her: Trueee

Her: Bat mobile, so furious

Her: Sounds good :)

Me: alright cool :)

Me: im about to nerd out on some homework nun night buhbs

Her: Night night B

Next day

Me: Hi gangsta kitty you still down to get froyo tn

 Doesn't respond for 6 hours, and its like 6:15 at this point

Me: are you froyo'ing with me tonight or should I tell the avengers you werent cool enough to pull off the cat suit

Her: haaha I cant tonight, last minute soccer game

Me: how late is that going

Her: not positive, its starts at 8 so probably 9:30-10

Me: lets do something after. we can drive around town and see whats going on. I'm batman

Her: What kind of crome could be happening on monday batman :)

Me: Youd like to know wouldnt you? :)

Me: Its somewhat classified poopkin but i'm sure we could find some fuckers that are causing trouble

Me: maybe ill buy you an oreo mcflurry if you behave

So WTF is the dealio here! This is frustrating as fuck and i'm so clueless what i'm doing wrong. I don't buy that she had a soccer game they aren't even in season, that's why I kept pushing. There is invesment here, where did I lose?

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I just feel fuckin stupid

I just feel fuckin stupid lol

My only thoughts are that I'm possibly rushing too much and could have asked a few more base line questions to build comfort. Also, I should have gotten more investment on the day of the date ie. asked her how her day was going and stuff.

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Way too robotic this is one

Way too robotic this is one big blitz without connection. Emotion and connection can't be faked :p

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God damn it's the subtle

God damn it's the subtle little details that are lacking because I'm not FEELING the right emotions I'm being robotic and trying to artificially produce the interaction. Same exact thing that's happening with the vocals, I need to FEEL my way through this. 

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God damn it's the subtle

God damn it's the subtle little details that are lacking because I'm not FEELING the right emotions I'm being robotic and trying to artificially produce the interaction. Same exact thing that's happening with the vocals, I need to FEEL my way through this. 

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Man you're killing it chill

Man you're killing it chill out, loool. But yeah for more tactics on how to handle this last minute stuff consult with the "Fast & Furious" style. 


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You're coming off quite

You're coming off quite refined and high value in this texting. Makes no sense to lose it at the end and go on tilt. 


I go in and I'm crisp, clean and my vocals are fucking coming out like music. - Anonymous MW student

- Autismus Terminus Finis (Root Cause/Cure of Autism Epidemic)

- Called Off My Wedding & Other Turn Tail Signs Of The American Male

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lol dude i'm just fed up at

lol dude i'm just fed up at the moment, thanks for reading. Luckily I didn't burn this to the ground, i'll make it happen soon. I do, however, feel she needed just a kiss of baseline rapport texting and things would have been good to go.

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  Me: (snapchat of me at


Me: (snapchat of me at the gym with hanging weight belt near my cock "its average")
Her: (snapchat "who is this")
Me: (snapchat of my face "drakes backup dancer who are you")
Her: (snapchat DM "You're yummy")
Me: (snapchat DM something about never figuring out if she's a catfish)
Her:  (sends me cute pic of her)
Her: (asks me about my age, cuz she is 22 and i'm 20)
Me: (something about her keeping her old person dentures in when she around me)
Her: (she says she will try and keeo them in :P)
I then transition to text
Me: Rumor has it you didn't score any goals this week :P
Me: It's ok pumpkin butt cant win em all
Her: pshhh
Her: fight me
Me: haha im a ninja beb ill leave you sweaty and exhausted
Me: You wont even know what hit yah :P
Her: Try me :P
Me: haha what are you up to this weekend dork
Her: :) going out and working, you?   <---seemed like she had a full schedule
Me: visiting some friends at (school) waking my ass up really early and heading to (state) to ski :D
Her: Ouuuu, sounds eventful (plethora of emojis) enjoy (school) boiii
Me: enjoy your weekend to lady bug :)
Me: gonna go walk my doggie talk to yah laters
few days later
Me: sup dork I bet my weekend could beat your weekend up
Her: Is that so? hahaha
Me: oh really what did you get your paws into
Me: I took over a frat party with my dance moves i'm peldge leader now
Her: thats it? haha
Me: Yah after that I drove my magic carpet home and had some killer french toast in (town)
Me: rumor has it you netflix n' chilled yourself all weekend
Me: It's ok stranger things is kinda addicting
Her: that sound super; since im old I went to the dance club. had a few drinks and danced all night. and btw I finished stranger things like 5 months ago :)
Me: Dancing with the 40 year olds
Me: they got moves
Me: pumpkin you remind me of eleven   ---->(netflix stranger things character)
Her: ohhh, you know it, when ya old and you still gotta have fun lol and im flattered
Me: gawd damn its so nice out I just hiked with the pups
Me: Hows your day treatin yah :)
Her: ouuuu pups, my day was boring, my school is too small haha
Me: me too its like being in hs all over again
Me: except im way more nerdy now
Me: I still do steal lunch money when Im feelin it :P
Her: I'm in the freshman dorm so its literally like hs haha and yeah? just for kicks huh (crying laughing emoji) savage
Her: nerdy savage
Me: why are you living there
Me: you really do stalk younger men :)
Her: (crying laughing emojis) ive never actually been with youngster i'm another level :)
Me: Just watching them like a hawk and getting ready to strike
Me: a date with you would be dangerous :)
Her: Not at al (crying laughing emojis) you might be right about that one :)
Me: I'm gonna bring you to chuckey cheese so you can play in the ball pit
Me: lil girl
Her: ahha yeah? I'm tall enough!
Me: Yes magic munckin youre perfect height :)
Me: Lets get pizza afterwards too
Her: magic munckin (crying laughing eomji)
Me: You like hawaain?
Her: :( bruh
Me: pfff no pizza for you or motz sticks
Me: we are getting you a big salad
Me: with a glass of water
Me: and saltine crackers
Her: The shame
Me: awww dont worry booty bopper we will get you something sweet to lick on
Her: (cry laugh emoji)
Me: I know you have tattos but you're just the weird girl on the playground
Me: that I may have a crush on
Her: So gay   <---now she starts replying very quickly and getting invested
Her: so romantic
Her: (kitty kat heart emoji)
Me: push you in the sandbox and give you kisses
Her: (boy and girl emoji)
Her: childs play
Me: yeah ill spead nutella all over that lil body and kiss those delicious lips <---lol
Me: look you head to toe and pull you in close so i can feel those kitty kat curves you got
Her: (achorman meme "that esclated quickly")
Her: Meow :) (rain drop emoji)
Her: Yeah, looking me head to toe, my favorite : (frustrated emoji)
Me: yes take a good look at my baby before I nibble all over you
Me: make you purr (cat emoji)
Me: then we can see if you can handle cat daddy
Her: I like the way ya think (girl emoji) kitty kitty
Me: ok hun this is distracting me we must stop
Her: multitasking isn't you're thing, i get it  lol (kissy face emoji)
Me: not really lol I like to take my sweet time and enjoy the activities at hand
Me: so lets harrass some starbucks employees soon that'd be fun
Her: i'm down for the cause
Me: you free tomorrow?
Me: i'm kinda busy all the days afterwards
Me: not till the end of time, but the week :)
Her: truuuuee I have clases tomorrow, do you have class?  <----very vague
Me: yes till 2:30 hbu
Me: somebody fell asleep in the litterbox
Me: sweet cat dreams my G
next day
Her: ahhaahah
Me: hi poopkin its hot as fuck in class   <---like 2:30 pm
Her: was it cause your fine kitty self
Me: lol that may be it buhbs we heated up (city) today
Me: too sexified
Me: whatcha up to I just hiked (mtn) with my moutain man beard
Me:... in progess :)
Her: Ouuuu, man beard? baby beard and i'm enjoying the sun like a big girl (girl emoji)
Me: tanning those baby cheeks lol
Her: (baby emoji) you know it
Me: lets kick it tonight booty bopper   <---like 5:30 pm
Me: I need some ice cream to cool of
Me: off*
Me: unless you're lactose intolerant like a weirdo kitty
Her: (snapchat of her in her bathing suit)
So what's the deal guys? I think my text game is pretty tight nowadways and I know how to navigate the interaction, but things always go to shit at the end when it comes to the super hottie girls. Are these girls not taking my seriously or something? I put in all this work and then they go ghost at the end. There are 3 girls I text frequently that are clearly super interested always replying eventually to texts or snapping me yet won't go on dates.
What do I need to do to nail these dates down? them? introduce some sort of negativity (which i dont want to do)? Did I ask her too late in the day? This is becoming a self fuffilling prophecy for me and i'm very frustrated.
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I'm pretty damn good at

I'm pretty damn good at getting numbers off of tinder and having fun over text, hell my sext game is even good now. I'm just missing something at the end! I want to get the uber hotties out on dates!!

Daddyjihad1 (not verified)
1) Introduce an element of

1) Introduce an element of realness with her. Figure out what she's doing. Talk about what you're doing. Relate with her.

2) She sends you a hot pic - disqualify the shit out of her. Get an even hotter pic. Or better yet, make her reclaim validation by blowing your warrior king

3) She keeps not responding when you want to take her out? Call her out on it. AFTER, you've done everything right.

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Thanks Jihad! I agree with

Thanks Jihad! I agree with all of it

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Yeah I started reading

Yeah I started reading through some older conversations that worked out well, I'm missing the real personal connection baseline talk with this girl.

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HAHAHA some chick just told

HAHAHA some chick just told me too cool down and that we needed to have some more "normal talk"

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We had some kinky sex lolz

We had some kinky sex lolz will post soon but i'm fuckin exhausted :P

Daddyjihad1 (not verified)
The whoop you on the soccer

The whoop you on the soccer field girl??


What steered it to your favor man? POST IT UP UPUPUP

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Me: Hi badass lady bug Me:

Me: Hi badass lady bug 

Me: How is your sunday going

Me: I'm dog sitting rn :) leader of the wolf pack

Her: hey you, you dog you, im just working, and you? and ouuuu such a big boy

Me: yes the pups call me daddy

Me: where do you work J

Her: the pups call you daddy (crying laughing emoji) rad and I work at dollar general hell hole

Me: Yo fuck dollar general!! I don't like that place for some reason

Me; i'm coming to break you free

Her: such a hero (muscle emoji)

Me: steal me some candy bars then ill come and scoop yah

Me: How's soccer going? I need to brush up on my skills soon intramural team is starting soon and I am the most dangerous striker in the league

Her: soccer is going well, i'm excited to get out on the field again and kill it and ouu yeah? 1 on 1, me and you

Me: beb I already told you I will make you look silly

Me: lets kick around this week :)

Me: i'm free tues, thurs, fri afternoons

Her: I can't wait to make you eat your words :) and hmmm, I have class tuesday and thursday and i'm off friday

Me: how about after class tuesday

Me: it's gonna be 58 out perfect weather to get your butt kicked

Her: I have class till 7 on tuesday hun gotta find a better time to get stomped

Me: whats your schedule tomorrow I jsut realized I don't have my late class

Her: I have one class

Me: i'll pick yah up at 4:30, that work?

Me: or you can meet here, doesn't matter punkin

Her: sounds good to me b

Me: kk hun i'll text yah in the morn

Me: morning beb I hope your day isn't too tough with that one class

Me: ready to get destroyed on the field? :)

Her: morning :) and i'm so ready to see you try :) I have class at 2:50 sug

Me: ill ick yah up at 4:45 text yah when im on my way

Her: you free thursday? <----AWWW HELL NAH!!!

Her: wanna get food?   

I try and call her but ends call

Me: finishing my laundry and leaving in 10

Me: yes I could eat lol we will figure it out when I pick yah up buhbs

Me: wait why did you say thursday whats up (name)

 I notice I have a missed call from her. I call her back and ask her what she is doing, of course she says nothing. I tell her i'm coming to get her. She was very down to see me once she heard me over the phone.

Her: (dorm)

Me: (dorm) lol see yah in 10-15 min

Getting her out was as simple as adding some more realness to the conversation, exactly like Jihad said. In this last convo we were vibing a lot more, and I only sprinkled in some game here and there because she already knew who I was.

I drive through some apocalyptic traffic and finally show up at her school and I can't find her building. I call her and she is zero help, even during insignificant events like this I try and make it clear that I'm handling business. I tell her to get outside and I finally find her. She is on the phone immediately before she gets in my car and doesn't show me much attention when she gets in. I tell whats up, and I project myself with a lot of enthusiasm because I can already tell she is not taking me seriously. I give her a smooch on the cheek. We chat for a bit, and there is this underlying feeling that she thinks she is better than me. I am like FUCK THIS, time to step my game up. I tell her we are getting ice cream, it was getting too dark to play soccer. I explain to her that we are getting the "ferrari of ice cream" and she's lucky we aren't going to friendlys. She keeps on making this point that she is older than me (only 2 years), but I reframe it that she is a creepy old woman and i'm a victim. She lives in a freshman dorm so I talked about her seducing little boys.

We get to the ice cream shop and I kick things up another notch. I make it clear to myself that  I am there for my own enjoyment, and start running some really high value game. I spent some time joking with the employees while ordering my ice cream and I treat her like a little girl. I tell her that she can't steal all the candy and that she better hurry up and make a decision on what she wants. This is a bit of a mind fuck for her because 10 minutes earlier I was calling her a weird old woman. We sit down and eat our ice cream. She is still acting somewhat aloof. She asks me some baseline questions about my life and I start putting on a show letting her know how awesome I am. It was not bragging, It actually felt like I was talking to myself. I talk about sports, my friends, a road trip i'm going on, bitchy girls soccer teams, and finally conclude with some joke about 9/11. She absolutely loses it when I make a 9/11 joke, girls have a weird sense of humor! She finally blossoms like a beautiful sexy lil flower. We leave the ice cream shop, and she makes a comment that I am "oozing with confidence." I pick her up in the parking lot and she wraps her legs around me and makes some fake moaning noises, "ohh yes daddy!" It was at this moment I realized that this girl was awesome.

I tell her we are going to my dorm to see my cool posters, and she gets really excited. She is absolutely estatic about everything at this point, opening up about all of her passions and life. She was very comfortable with me. We get to my dorm and chill out for a little bit. I do a tour of my little room and start intermittently kissing and wrestling with her. I finally pick her up and put her on the bed and go for the home run.

I take my time with her and pay attention to every hot little detail on her body. I take my dick out and tell her to have a taste of my deliciousness. She sucks it then pushes me down on my own bed and starts really going to work. I tell her she's "a bad girl for sucking some dudes cock that she met off of tinder." She agrees that she is a bad girl and loves it, as she sucks on my balls.  I take some of my clothes off and then some of hers, I actually like undressing myself first they seem to enjoy it. I inspect her nipples and bite on them. Next, I push her on the bed and eat her pussy for a little before I put the condom on. She says she wants to ride me first, but I tell her "fuck no, not till I fuck your lil pussy." I bang her missionary for a bit and tell her how "we were supposed to play soccer but now we are banging" and spin off of this concept to take the dirty talk to the next level. This was happening in my dorm room and is was LOUD as FUCK. For this reason, I felt like I was holding myself back a bit. She rides me for a few minutes, which she is absoutely amazing at, but also makes a comment about the bed being so loud. We move to the ground and fuck there. I noticed at this point that my enviroment was stifling me a bit, I was having a hard time feeling the emotions deeply because I wasn't present, and my overall arousal wasn't there either. I wasn't having dick problems, but I was not super turned on either, I felt numb. After about 20 minutes we take a quick break, she explains to me that she sometimes feels like she is going to pass out when she is super turned on.

We go at it again, but this time she stops for a second and explains that I am really sexy and awesome BUT she feels like i'm holding back and that she wants me to fuck her like she derserves. I immediately pick her up and slam her into my door, she screams in joy. We fuck doggy style in front of the mirror, which is SUPER FUCKIN HOT. I take pictures and video :P She asks where my belt is so I can whip her sexy ass with it. We do some light bondage with it, such as putting it around her arms when I fuck her from behind. She keeps on testing me saying she wants to be spanked, so I spank her nice n' loud so everyone can hear it. We take another break at some point because this chick is borderline gonna pass out and needs water lol! She pushes me on the bed and starts riding me. This time around, I tell her to make as much noise as possiibe so everyone knows she is a lil slut. I tell her that her pussy is mine now and that everyone knows i'm fucking her brains out on my bed. This dirty talk enables her to ride herself into oblivion, I've never experienced a girl ride herself into orgasm like that, it was AMAZING. I get back on top and let her know that I want her to make me cum. I fuck her very, very slowly really emphasizing each stroke. We hold deep eye contact and she starts speaking in this unbelievably feminine tone that turned me on like crazy, "cum for me daddy please." I finally bust my nut, after a good 45 min of hardcore sexy OMFG. I take the condom off and there is a jizz splashback on my bed. She takes her finger and puts some of it in her mouth.

We hangout for a little bit, and what happens next is really significant because it says a lot about true female sexuality. She says, "god damn you're sexy and naughty, I loved playing with you thank you so much." Yes, she thanked me like five times. I let her know that she is a sexy lil thang. Then, she says something along the lines of, "you're the first person I have had sex with off of social media and I am so happy you had the balls to make everything go down the way you did so I had a boy toy to play with." She also adds that the dirty talk was really good, and extra points for filming her.

When you're the lover boy, girls can't help but play with you.

She is very upfront with me on the way home and says that the sex was awesome and she hopes we can get together soon so we can have more fun. We talk about smoking pot and banging and banging in the mall parking lot...ughh true love <3. She is interested in my verbal skills as she has a theatre background so I free associate to her for a few minutes about how she's a naughty lil elf terrorizing christmas christmas.

I get back to school and all my friends were like WTF DUDE whatever went down in there sounded fuckin crazy. A female friend is super interested and keeps on talking about it. I brush off the whole situation as not a big deal. My friend buys me a dill pickle as a joke, but female friend insists she wants to put it in her mouth first LOL


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Awesome write up homie. And

Awesome write up homie. And great persistance overall. In this case, it paid off haha. 

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Beautiful :')

SO beautiful MEOW

Proud of you man. Seen you come up from a Pup to a full fledged pussy destroyer beast of a man.

DUDE my free associations been pretty good as of recently. I would just riff about anything and the girl was just captivated and following me haha. I had her full attention.

"so I free associate to her for a few minutes"

Happy for you homie.


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Thanks my niggas :D

Thanks my niggas :D

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hahaha! fuck-a- yes-a. so

hahaha! fuck-a- yes-a. so good, meowmix. 


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Sick shit! Loved the last bit

Sick shit! Loved the last bit of your sex game - respect for making her moan loud as fuck like that ;)

Interesting to see you taking breaks. I've done this too when something is off (e.g I'm not being present, stifled expression etc) rather than forcing it


Careless, mocking, forceful - so does wisdom wish us:

she is a woman, and never loves anyone but a warrior.

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Kierkedashian wrote:Sick

Kierkedashian wrote:
Sick shit! Loved the last bit of your sex game - respect for making her moan loud as fuck like that ;)

Interesting to see you taking breaks. I've done this too when something is off (e.g I'm not being present, stifled expression etc) rather than forcing it

Thanks brotha!! 

Yah the breaks were a little odd, I've never done that before either but she was the one initating. I think she understood that something was holding me back and wanted to bring the best out of me, she was nurturing in a strange way lol