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  This story is recent and still a "hot" one about a chick i took on a date from Okcupid.

  She is a a bit older than me(like 3 4 years) and si recently moved in my town.She doesnt have any friends here...she knows nobody besides me now haha :))


 Text game at my best performance:)) she responded more than well(she actually tried to take me on a date that day i start talking with her via text...but i was busy that day).I said let's do it the next day.We meet up and start going on a walk(i would not normaly do this via text BEFORE i meet a girl but with this one i could tell she likes me and i can push a bit more so before i meet up with here i said that we should just make it a chill out night,we should go buy some wine and i would come over to her place and make her a massage and she can make me something good to eat...she agreed).

  The date went very good,she was the most responsive girl i ever talked to :))her hands were all over me (and i was moving her all around,pushing her and grabbing her gently be the back of the neck while walking) so i decided to lower the vibe and let things flow.We go into a nice park with a great view and we sit on the grass and start talking shit.There i went for the kiss and she was more than ok with it.We start walking again and on our way to her place i saw a deep hole in the ground near the sidewalk and took her basicaly (i m a big guy:)) ) and scared her to death cause she thought i will trow her there:)))we move on and eventualy get to her place.

  Found out she is a amateur weed dealer and i was like DAMN girl ....u lucky cause i m not wired right now:))she starts laughing...she explains how shit is made...very nice to know anyway:))When i get inside her house i see the big bed so i jump in it and start watching TV...basicaly ignoring her :))she was changing in a sleeping outfit...i see her with the tail of my eyes in her nice panties and her bra...tight lil body...with a belly button ring...very nice...but keep watching cartoons ....after she smokes one and gets the wine we go in bed and watch some more TV....I m still icy cause i knew she will come into me and cuddle and she did:))i start playing with her...bla bla bla...dick goes hard...she starts to "chat" with my lil man :))i put a condom on and surprise:))dick starts to go soft after a short time of fucking:))i start laughing and tell her to get the dead man up and she does...i fuck her for another amazing 2 3 minutes:))))then i cum like a horny goat...never mind...gave her a orgasm without my dick...we go to bed...all night she was teasing the point that i say fuck it...she was with her hands on my dick ...rock hard again ...i take her pj s down and start fucking her from behind but not for more than 3 min i think:))i was a mess...then i laugh again like a retard but it was funny...

   Anyway...after i leave her house i shoot her a response....i shoot her another one"hey...dont ignore me....answer me loser!" response...afert a week i go drama style about this shit...i tell her i was so tired i would crash in her bed without even touching her that night...maybe this was a factor for my poor performance...i was really tired....and i say that it wasn't her fault(cause i knew she might have been offended by this,like i was not into her and stuff),so i told her to chillax...its fine ...its me....and she told me "that i was exactly what she was looking for" and this sex fail was something she never dealed with before:))and that she never gives second chances with sex but i got one...i have to use it with care:))....

  My request for you guys is after you stop laughing about my white ass:)))is to give me some tips on how can i improve stamina quick...cause if she was a chick that with no personality i would have been like: ok ...fuck you anyways:)))but i like her ....she keeps shit real and we talked about many things and we vibe very well....otherwise....i would not have made it such a big of a deal.I am a young blood so what i want from her is to teach me how to fuck...cause i know i order to try things and get good at thins i need a girlfriend that can help me with the practice:))so i want to ask her this...i think this would come as a great way to emprove my sex life.What do you think?

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Not really into the gayboy

Not really into the bragfests on this particular forum. Add the text convo, whatever dynamics you worked through, etc. 


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OKcupid convo

·  oh boy...
Are you fat?
What question is this?

A cute one,why?:))
I ask cause I can’t tell if u are or not from the many pics you have(she had only 1 pic with a hat on) ...that’s why I ask:))you can be a perv with a fake profile tryin’ to trick some naïve persons like me
No,I m not :))
Are you from (my city)?
Now u can see me better(she uploaded some pics…her account was fresh)

:))are these on spot pics? Cause that bow tie is cute:))
Yes,I m from(my city)


Or you put up some pics with your niece?:)))

Maybe we can go out tonight so you can see for yourself

Are you from (city) or u only study here?
No,I m from(her city) and I don’t study. I will start working in a few days . what about?
nice...i m on studies but I will start going to work soon myself:))I m from a small city near by…but I will get a apartment here in (city)
Did you find a place to stay?
2 moths ago

Aww…you solved the problem early ..good economics game girl.Where you and your girls live?Or where you live,if you are solo…(I think this was a good way to find out if she lives by her own…it worked  )
(street name)
I m alone
I don’t know the city at all

ups...its ok...i will be your guide if you want...but you have to buy ice cream   

One at least as big as I am :-"

its ok
Which flavor?

No vannila...or lemon:))I go with the classic chocolate
You know what,I don’t like being chained to the pc to talk to you ...#(my number)...send me a text with you name so I can know who you are and I will see you there:))and we will negociate the ice cream too ;)au revoir

 (i will post up the phone conv next)

Joined: 07/22/2015
text Convo

Heey.Its me (her name)

(her name) who?

Just messing with u :))

:P have been added in my vip list of you have a cute nickname for my agenda or u will let me pick it?

why nickname?:))

i like to make every person special here so i give them a nice nickname...if u dont have one to provide...i will come up with something cute

i will leave this to you...i m out of ideas:))

today i m not in town but i ll come tomorow...what plans do you have?

i m totally free:p

ok...we will make one for us:))
do you like games?(is a cheaky question cause games could mean a lot of things:))and this makes her take guesses)

it depends on the game and the players

1 on 1 games

who doesn't like them?
i like sex now.when i was a child i would play games:))

(this was something cute to hear:)) )

its still a nice game :)))

its sex:))

i can't belive this...u must be the first woman that admits this without me asking:))you deserve to be kidnaped

what?what kind of girl did u talked to?:))

come on ...u know what i m talking about:))

soo cute:))

to show that you earned my respect...i will get you a glass of wine

ok...i like red wine

ofc red wine..its the shit

what is your zodiac sign?

geez...are you a fanatic about this stuff?:))

i dont have a sign...i m a monster
no...actually ...i m a pure you can check our compatibility in bed or what?:))

:))exactly what i m looking for
and if you are a tall guy...its perfect...
no...i hate the zodiac...

well well....what is your hight? 5'' 0?:))

5'' 8

lil girly


its on the profile dear...or you will lie about not scanning my profile top down?:))
i m 6'' 5

great...didn't give too much importance to the profile data...
i will call you in 5 minutes(this came as weird for me:))never had a girl wanting to hear my voice so quick)

why?you want to see if i m not a highschool kid?:))

(we talk for a bit on the phone...bla bla bla...can't remember the small talk but she said she likes my voice)

ok now...dont use my voice in wierd ways,ok?

:))lol no...i will not

you have a very sexy work with people or what? HR?

thanks...yes...i m a bartender i know why your talk is so sweet:))u have to make them tip big:))

:))i guess  have a voice that convinced me

lol:))...convinced that what?

(didn't respond to this...moving on to the next day)


good morning...for what?:))

i was thinking about you ...congrats:))( i give credit to the textgame database for this one...thanks Jon)
you are a morning person i see...very good

i dont like to waste my day

i like this thing at a girl...if you know how to cook...i will marry you:))

no...not the case here:))i do it ...but rarely
its vitaly to know how to cook but now i took a break:))
(when i was out with her she told me she just broke up with her fiance...and left her city to come here...he was a total shit good at all:))not even in bed...but she said he knew him for a long time and that she kinda fall in a retarded love phase...until a day when she woke up and left the stupid shit:))she admitit she like money and worked hard to earn a big ammount in her account...she seems like a female hustler:)) )

ok so you know how to cook but now u took a break:)) and when i will visit you will say u made the food ...but you will order it from the fast food:))


i will appreciate the effort ...and if the food will be really good...i will return the favor with something very good as well( i like giving massages...and i m pretty good at it )

amaze me

u know how to give a massage?
cause to receive one is easy:))

nooo...i m no good

ok...i accept credit cards and cash in exchange as well:))


ok you have any awesome ideas for tonight or u will let me make the magic?

go ahead

well...we can go watch a movie and then improvise from there or we can keep it a relaxed night a go get that wine bottle and over to you place and chill ...the weather is nice outside so we can do cool shit tonight...we have options

ok...we will see.

(here is a part where she told me she dropped something in the bath tub and the whole bathroom filled with foam:)) )


at 7 be at (street) ...its near you and me be fair play:))

7 will be

dont dress to sexy....i will get intimidated

well i m not gonna wear high heels

:))high heels dont intimidated me
ofc i m not gonna tell you...this is a weak spot in my armour

not buying this:))

and dont try your womanly tricks on me...i have a will of steel

aww...this way its no fun

i will bring the fun

(now its a important point in the convo...i think...and i will like to know how well/wrong i did)

ok then...we will see.
now be honest with me...what do you expect from me?

for now...i  dont expect shit:))i dont know you...after maybe 5 min i could give u an idea of whats up...


maybe i will not like the way u dress or something:))

good answer

or the way u walk....or the your phone ringtone:))if its gypsy music u are done with me

i told u hate those songs:))

just messing with u:))lol

where do you sleep tonight?

i have some friends i can crash over...
what price does your spare room have?:))i will pay in washed dishes

i dont have a spare room...sorry:))

well...i hope u have a cute lil granny who can help me....some young attention is welcomed at her age:)))

i dont know my neighbours


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So new girl moves to town,

So new girl moves to town, jumps on the quickest dick she can find. Good job


I go in and I'm crisp, clean and my vocals are fucking coming out like music. - Anonymous MW student

- Autismus Terminus Finis (Root Cause/Cure of Autism Epidemic)

- Called Off My Wedding & Other Turn Tail Signs Of The American Male

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its good to be the right guy at the right time:))but it sucks that my lil buddy down there is not as proactive as i am...i have to teach him some i goal is to convince this girl to teach me how to fuck aka to be my fuck buddy for a couple of days so i can experiment some things from the sex god method and any othe suggestion u guys might have..i will make it sound like a bet or something:))

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well yeah...i m a tall good looking madafaca and this made things let's say easy for me cause she was into me...but i m sure that there was space for me to fuck up