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Hey eveyone. I have been creeping on the forum for many years, (and taking in other dating advice etc.)  I just wanted to do a little self Intro because I hope to become a little more active on here.

Who am I?

You can call me JT.. I'm a new england guy, 28 years old. Educated now with a decent job, but I suffer from a disease common in a lot of dudes these days . . .  

Where I'm at in the dating / Self actualization game

In the words of the great movie american psycho, being a total lightweight, a boring, no personality loser lol.  Some insecurity, but mostly just having really not developed a personality and feeling kind of out of place in social situations once things move beyond the nice meet and greets.

Yes / No/ Maybe

Don't really have any issues with girls in the Yes category, but I'm seeking help with the maybe.

Anyway I have a lot to contribute in other areas, and hope to add value to the forum if and when i can, other than being the next hard case that made it lol.



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Cool man do your thang. 

Cool man do your thang. 


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So it begins...



Cruising... man, On a Good One, it is so cool!