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SERIOUS test of texting... Had to use many different styles- This girl is a lot to handle

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Interesting because she seems to be investing a lot, and responding well... but she is CLEARLY avoiding the meetup, and even with some solid frame control on my part- she's dancing around it like nothing else...

EDIT: Finally popped out with an optionf or the meetup.. damn that really took a lot

Check this out and lemme know your thoughts:

Me: - Cute funny blonde friend

Her: Lol. Hey!

Her: How was your night? Lol

Me: Well I was hoping to catcha  ride home on your magic pony but just grabbed a cab instead

Me: Hope you didn't get kidnapped by any pesky creepers ; )

Her: Hahaha : ) My magic pony is awesome!! [insert multiple emojis] lol... Why?! You saw some creepers that wanted to kidnap me?

Me: Geesus my phone died an honorable death in the line of duty- just got a replacement 

Me: Whatcha up to rainbow brite

Her: Hey!! Haha [insert multiple emojiis] I just got back from the gyjm. I took Zumba [insert emoji] lol. What about you? ... Oh no!!! What happened to your phone?!

Me: It fell outta the bat mobile as I was doin some aeerial flips

Me: Speaking of which- throwin on the bat suit right now

Me: Bout to brave the barbarian hordes

Her: Hahaha : ) Aerial flips? Are youa  gymnast?! Lol... Bat suit?! : ) ha. That's awesome!!! Do you have a head start for Halloween or is the bat suit part of your daily apparel? Lol

Me: Pfft PUHlease, I've been a ninja my whole life miss rainbow brite! 

Me: That's just standard attire when scavening for groceries at whole foods : )

Her: Haha : ) Do ninjas go organic and are they fans of low carb diets?! Lol

Me: Heya rainbow brite : )

Her: Hey! Haha :) How's your Friday been? Are you busy at work too? [insert like 4 emojis] lol

Me: Well that and ighting off bad guys with my bare fists ; )

Me: But I'm basically batman- but we both alrady knew that

Her: Hahaha [insert multiple emojis].. What's your day job/what do you do?

Me: I run an office for a startup

Me: Lmao what's your schedule like next week- we sholda gotten a drink already

Me: Even if you are the craziest emotion user I've ever met.. damnn ; )

Her: Haha :) I saw this at work and had to show you

Her: [insert screenshot of a bunch of like cartoon superheroes]

Me: Haha what do you do for work

Me: Why you playin around with kid pix

Her: Haha : ) I work at an internet marketing//SEO company. I was looking for images for blog posts and those somehow showed up during my search for business images

Me: "Somehow showed up" sureeee... Pfft don't lie you knew EXACTLY what you were doing ; )

Me: It's cool though- I'm actually in need of a getaway driver later this week- how are yer driving skills beb

Her: Hahaha : )... I'm a pretty goo ddriver, Lol... How was your weekend?

Me: Awesome- just got back from ny this morning

Me: Gawd I'm so hungry gonna make some grub before I start chewin the furniture

Her: You're very ceative! Lol... how was NY?! Do you remember it at all?

Me: Lmao it was awesome! 

Me: Btw- you passed background checks :)-let's get that icecream tmrw

Her: Background checks?!? Haha

Me: Yes.. I do that with all potential getaway drivers ; )

Me: Uh excuse me I will totally just tell everyone you have freckles on yer booty if you keep taking so long to READ your texts and answer me!

Her: Hey! These past few weeks I've been busy with researching, writing [insert emoji] and meetings.. I can't wait until we hire another person to take over some of the work! It's wayyy overdue!! Lol...

Her: You have a GREATTT imaginatino!!! : )

Her: How would you know info about my "booty?!" Haha [insert multiple emojis]

Her: How's your week been?

Me: Ha it's been good.. you wanna grab a drink tonight

Her: Where were you thinking?

Me: xx on y it's awesome plus my old roommate bar tends there

Me: Fuck payin for drinks : )

Me: Think ya can handle that cat woman ; )

Her:  I have work tomorrow. I wasn't planning on going into DC

Me: Oh yeah same- we can grab an early drink round 7 

Me: Plus I pomised my buddy I'd watch the game tonight with him

Me: Obv this message will self destruct in an hour

Her: Hahahaha. I'm busy at 7 ... What game are you watching with your buddy?!? Lol

Me: Falcons

Me: And shit boo- you don't make this easy. And damnit I refuse tobe used just for my creative texting!

Me: I already have like 4 other pen pals- I'm all filled up right now

Me: The others will obv just get jealous of us- We clearly can't have that

Her: Omg [insert emoji] Hahaha. Why would they get jealous?!? Lol

Me: Oh puhhlease you know EXACTLY why

Me: Regardless penpal spots are taken

Me: Looks like all that's left is to grab a drink

Me: I don't make the rules, I just enforce them ; )

Her: "EXACTLY why?!?" Lol....

Her: Hahahaha. You crack me up!!!! [insert like a million emojis]

Me: Pfft don't change the subject missy- I've caught onto YOU

Me: Plus if you keep bein difficult ima just beatcha up with pillowcases filled with flowers ; )

Her: How did you catch onto me?!? is that your goal? Lol

Her: Ugh... You plan to hit me with pillowcases?

Her: I do like flowers!!! [insert a milion emojis]

Me: Maybe some explodin nurf darts- depends how good you are

Me: Anyway- what's your schedule like next week rainbow kitten

Her: Darts : ) Haha

Her: Rainbow kitten [insert a million emojis]

Her: I'm not sure about next week... What time does the football game start/end tonight? Maybe we could meet for a drink in Arlington around 9ish or so?

HOLY MOTHER OF GOD. I CANNOT believe I finally got her to pop out with that final text (it happened after I started writing this convo up) but geeesus. Can somebody please read this and give me their thoughts. 

I am legitimately somewhat confused as to how to handle this girl. She's smokin hot.... but seems a little.. uhmmm "ditzy"? Like idk 

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Wow...I like this high octane

Wow...I like this high octane rapid fire strategy. Definitely took some good notes I'm gonna incorporate this when texting hired guns and when i don't have time for bs thanks Buddha!

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Feels like you're texting too

Feels like you're texting too much superfuous/cute/banter stuff that she can feed off of that allows her to dance around actually meeting up. You say you refuse to be used for your creative texting then you pile on a ton more. Get to the meetup request then leave it at that. Let it hang there for her to actually make a decision on.

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Yeah - totally. I'm with ya

Yeah - totally. I'm with ya on that. 

I def. didn't go for the meetup as directly as possible. And gave her a lot to play off of. 

LOL yeah she just has crazy ADD

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I really liked the way you

I really liked the way you persisted without being needy. Will add that to my game :) thanks for the text convo.