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I get this text : "I want to kiss you, rub your back, and give you head"

When we hung out the first time she gave me head and wouldn't let me near her pussy. What's your play? Call her out on it ?? or keep sexting along and try to escalate again next time?

I was thinking " You make it hard to keep my hands off of you when you do stuff like that". But I was thinking it might blow me out again

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Dude this is easy mang. Pull

Dude this is easy mang. Pull the whole "role reversal" thang and she'll probably be riding your dick so fast her panties will literally be gone in a blur. At some point just withhold your dick from her, when she's got easy access to it. Bat her hand away, when she goes for it again bat it away again say "no." She might give you some sort of "I know what you're doing" but it doesn't matter. No such thing as reverse psychology in seduction for women.. actually that's probably their biggest problem. Anyway she probably won't be able to stand it she'll just grab your cock and start sucking it like it's the last dick on earth.. then you pop her with.. "uggh.. fine. But I'm not letting you fuck me." 


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Joined: 04/07/2014
Lol I already kinda set that

Lol I already kinda set that frame through text and she hit me with


"tease me so I can beg you ;)"    so she is expecting it. Although she might just be talking about giving me head again. 

Ill go with the role reversal thing when we hang out.