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Was just thinking back on interactions yesterday and wanted to share with you guys what I saw.

Some of the stuff that happened was that I had the register girl at a convenience store tell me she wanted to take me home in front of my female coworker, a smokeshow expo model ask me to come grab her after her shift for a drink, and some other chick who I was flirting with who at some point was bantering with me about giving me a hickey and me enjoying it whom I later found out had a boyfriend through her coworker.

Anyways what I saw was that I was very expressive and not afraid to be heard by people. I would get up in people's space but in a relaxed, natural, assumed rapport type vibe. But the other important thing was using sexualized humor to convey interest, sexualize the interaction and most importantly what I'm seeing now is doing all that while providing her plausible deniability through humor. It also I think conveys to women that you're ready and willing to fuck her if she let's you guide her and in a way where she can have fun but also say "it just kind of happened he was a lot of fun and one thing lead to another"

I was doing most of this stuff while at work at an expo show in front of all my coworkers and people walking around. With humor I noticed you can say shit in front of other people and because it's kind of outrageous or 'obviously a joke' it's okay. Anyways just wanted to share this since it might be valuable.

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Examples of things you said?

Examples of things you said?

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Smokeshow: She told me I was

Smokeshow: She told me I was really good at selling because she had a similar job and could tell. I thanked her and told her that while I appreciated her compliments I wasn't going to be that easy, that she needed to put in more effort otherwise people might spread rumors about me being easy.

She asked me what raffle she had just entered into (part of my job) I told her it was for a chance to go on an all inclusive weekend getaway with me (callback humor from our convo) or a chance to win a date with me.

I also gave her shit like you would a guy friend. I had her guess my name, I caught her checking out my ass/package and told her I couldn't believe she was checking out the package and that there's no way she was going to guess my name from checking out my ass/package and so like why was she checking out my package. I told her to keep her eyes above the waist.

Reigster girl, I had talked to her twice in the last year. Greeted her gregariously, asked her if she remembered me (talked twice over a year when i went into store) she remembered me. She was giving this hateful look at my coworker. I asked how her day was she said fine, and that she hoped she won the lottery. "Oh nice baby, so you're saying you're taking me on vacation if you win". She asked me if I wasn't happy with this girl with a tone of resentment. I told her she was just my coworker. She told me she would take me on vacation and take me to her bedroom.

Other girl I walked by, started chatting her up about the show and how it was going for her. She was turning me on, was checking out her tits, her eyes her lips. She talked, I was imagining fucking her mouth, looked her in the eyes like bitch I want to fuck you right now/I'm being playful at the show I wonder if anyone else knows what I'm conveying to you vibe. I brought her to my booth to show her where I worked.

I notice she has a scarf on, I playfully accuse her of using the scarf to hide hickeys. She take it off to prove she's not, I eye fuck her for a second, grab her chin/jaw with my hand, slowly lift up her chin, inspect "hmm, okay I guess you're right". I tell her I fucking hate hickeys and that she better not give me one or I'll blah blah. She looks at me all sexually, tells me maybe I would like it.

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Cool. I'd start crafting

Cool. I'd start crafting these scenarios into logistical isolation. See what you can do with it. And if you get a girl alone and she looks "ready" then you fucking go for it. And don't get bottlenecked at kissing- I usually start at her breasts. Or I spin her around and bite the back of her neck while I run my hands down her body then down her pants. And you keep the man face on afterwards. And if you get walked in on you start bossing them around too. 


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Yeah I'm gonna definitely

Yeah I'm gonna definitely have to do that with this Muslim chick I was talking to. She's in the US away from her family, living with and being monitored by her roommate's who are her mom's friends. She can only leave the house if she's going to work and if anywhere else she has to be chaperoned around. Holy fuck had a raging boner talking to her after I realized she had a tongue piercing, I had completely written her off as boring lame mid thirties Muslim chick who was probably married. I'll write separate post on this one.