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Some backstory: this chick and I are in a club for school together. We have classes Tuesday’s and Thursday’s. When I had first seen her, for some reason I felt fear, but I concentrated on my thoughts and tried to hone on it and then let it dissipate

I went to the restroom and she walked way ahead of me, turns around then waits up for me. She wants me to walk her to her car. The conversation is alright nothing to brag about, I let her do the majority of the talking and I chime in here and there. Occasionally offering some quick and witty jokes. On the walk over she tells me she may switch this class for an online one. We get to her car and I get her number, not completely smooth but I stick the landing.

Here are the texts:

Me: Hey scaredy cat :P

*no response so I follow up, the next day to reengage her*

Me: I practically saved your life like twice last night maybe I should change my job description haha

Her: I know thanks J J I get scare to walk in the night

Me: meme from blazing glory about the night time being a very dark time for me*

Me: The night is a very dark time for me too ;P haha I’ll come protect you

*an hour later*

Me: Just don’t mind the all black ski mask and Santa costume. *emoji with sunglasses* SO what did you end up doing with your classes?

Her: jaja that pic is funny, I ended up staying as is

Me: its been a busy Saturday for me. Spanish version of word are nice twist to things, example: Pikachu (Mexican word of the day). Maybe we could be partners in crime J


I actually really want to get it on with this girl but was lacking the creative juices to push the texting any further. Doing anything during the days that we have classes (like afterwards, the best day would probably be Thursday) but the only thing is that we both have really long days, so this wouldn’t be preferable for both of us. Its possible but the weekend would be a lot more optimal for both of our schedules.  On top of that I’m talking to other girls, so they had my attention and focus at the time.



I walk her to her night class and she enjoys my company really does. Don’t remember too much about it but it was better than the last one.



Text I sent to her while in class (01/26/17) Thursday

*Meme about iPhone and assuming gender when they took off the headphone jack*

Me: Look up loser :P

Me: it was a big deal when this happened. Just thought you should know what your phones been through

I don’t text her but I want to reengage her, I know that I need to do something.

We walk to the library and its cold I make a comment about it, See peeps a look at my nipples, I call her out on it and she kinda blushes hits me with her water bottle on my shoulder.

*have you ever seen a dark skin girl blush? Ummm*

After this we go through several topics along the way. She needs to go the library to meet up with a friend whom needs a ride. We get to her friend, who’s on the phone when we get to her, I look to my girl and tell her I’m leaving.

Hug and kiss goodbye.


This past Sunday Texting

Her: Hey could you please same (she meant to put send) me pictures of chapter 1 and the questions we are supposed to do for ecommerce. I rented the book through chegg but it has not arrived

I didn’t want to be a dick or anything, I want to help her out but I don’t want to be seen as just a classmate, I know that I need to get creative. I send her 5 pictures of what she needed, and decide to include a body part to make a very special appearance. Creativity.

Her: thank you so much J

Me: You’re welcome *shortened version of her name, sort of like a nickname*

Me: Aren’t my hands so photogenic, they miss their modeling days lol

Her: I was about to tell you that. I like how you put your hands in every pic *crying laughing emoji*

Her: I’m sorry

I hope its not a bother but could you send me the first page again? Its cause I can’t see the last word of every sentence

Me: I did pag. 46-49, double checked & pg. 48 was cut off. I sent the pics in order (questions first and last though). The last word on page 46 (the one with picture at bottom of text)) is: mobile.

*Sends pic of pg 48*

Me: Taking advantage of these hands, maybe I have to charge you next time :P

Her: No the first page, I am not quite able to see the last word in each sentence

Her: and thanks so much for the help

Me: *sends her the pic of the right one, and me pointing to it*

Me: LMAO I just realized what you were talking about! Took me years to perfect these mad pointing skills

Her: Lol thank you so much and thy finger is at a perfect angle

*I go for a transition*

Me: Haha my hands felt inspired earlier by the lighting, music and robbing an ice cream truck. So ya like ice cream, I got extra’s J

Her: jajaja what?

Me: Lol I’m picturing me & you enjoying the ice cream that I stumbled upon

Her: Lol

Me: Lol smh do you like ice cream, because my eyes scream *eye emoji* with what I got

Her: yes my fav is probably rocky road

Me: Mine is Neapolitan, vanilla & strawberry are tasty but my love affair begins w/ chocolate, Rocky road = love haha

Her: I actually have some in my house. Blue bell makes the best ice cream

*I respond an hour later*

Me: I agree. Good for the rocky days show me yours, after I show you mine

Me: *sends picture of my favorite ice cream*

Her: I’m not home lol I’m at the public library


Monday (01/30/17)

Btw as a side note, autocorrect was butchering me. Several of my texts had alternate words and got changed for another word lol

Me: I always have pictures of my ice cream ready just in case *emoji with sunglasses* caught you slipping*

Her: lol

*******I’m not gonna lie it slightly triggers me when a girl gives short response like that but since I dig this girl quite a bit, I want to try harder.

Me: meme about a female banana being around a curtain taking off the yellow skin peel *aka the clothes haah* steps out and slips

Me: *sends another meme about putting the ice cream back into the fridge*

Her: jajaja

*I respond like 2 hours later, I was at work*

Me: I see you like to cha cha lol


Tuesday (01/31/17)

I’m walking from my car, listening to music while looking around and find her, we begin to talk. Tell each other about what time our day started and what (making strong eye contact with her). I ask what’s she doing by the bench and she tells me that she’s waiting for her sister to come pick her up so they can go get coffee and she’ll be back by class time.

Me: what did you do for Christmas

Her: Christmas was a long time ago (sarcastically)

Me: (doesn’t settle for a crap answer) “It was literally a month ago”, looks dead in the eyes. *Smiles purposefully*


Sister rolls up, her: We’ll have to continue this in class, see ya!


*I go to class early and she’s not there yet. Literally some other chick that sits down the row comes and sits in my girl’s usual spot, which is right next to me: asks me, is this seat taken? I’m surprised, this chick usually sits elsewhere and I respond with: “well yes but go ahead” (I say it disappointedly, the girl gives me an awkward smile). I didn’t want that broad there but I wasn’t gonna try to have her get out of the seat that technically wasn’t claimed, besides she literally ran to the seat as she was asking me the question. *

I was a bit upset but little missteps that you don’t account for should not dictate the rest of your day, stay strong and steady. I brush the anger off.

Not even 10 seconds after my girl’s spot gets taken, she walks in, looks and sees her spot taken, smiles at me and walks towards an empty spot in the class toward the back.


She texts me after she claims an empty spot

Her: Thanks for saving my seat *9 crying emojis*

Me: She literally just came in before you! I didn’t think you’d be late… I’ll save your seat next time, slow poke ;P

Her: you should have put your backpack lol Yes please save my seat

Me: Lmao I know how to save seats! Not my first rodeo, gangster kitty *cat emoji*

^ I think I got that from jihad, I like that one man good shit btw

Her: right here in the back it sucks

Me: I don’t sit in the back because its ‘extra cold’ :P

Her: its not lol

Me: WELL for my chest area it is! Being in the back is like being the red-headed step child of a family lol

Her: jajajaja that’s ambas comparison

Me: Money taught me Spanish but not that word *crying laughing emoji*

Her: A bad *

 Me: For some people bad = good Well I wouldn’t compare it to pizza & ice cream

*class ends, I sign out for attendance*

Her: Where did you go ? I didn’t even see you


I literally just went straight to the restroom then came out and I was behind her, so I ended up catching up to her and somewhat sneak up on her by poking her right arm and getting on her left side.

As I walk up behind her I check her out, I’ve done this before Butt its like her ass got thicker than a plot does.



Her: you scared me *says while smiling*

*potentially a missed opportunity*


Me: I’m heading to the library need to do some things

Her: *talks about not having her book yet*

Me: Well guess what, I have my book

Her: You do? Really

Me: yeah but its in my car

Her: you park all the way over there *gestures and say that she doesn’t want to be late for class*

Me: well you’ve definitely done before *I say in a cheeky way*

Her: you’re so bad

Me: moves my body the opposite direction from the library to the parking lot where I’m parked.

Her: alright *she says after following me to my car*

On our way*

We continue the conversation that we had earlier, she tells me about what she got for Christmas.

We decide our path with no cross walk, and since the on coming cars were going too slow, I say lets go. She doesn’t really want to, I kinda nudge her softly to follow my lead, we run across the street and stop on the middle divider. She playfully tries to do the same thing that I did but without nudging me, she says I’ma go, I grab her by the arm and tell her no, almost like a command.

She’s laughing and balling: “I just want to see what you would do.”

Me: *jokingly* runs into oncoming traffic

We talk about that briefly then

I tell her the story of what my uncle got for Christmas, and what I got (my aunt is too funny btw, even though she don’t joke about getting you gifts that make you feel bad LOL)

Her: well when you’re a kid you want to get toys not clothes now our age you just want to be fully clothed

*maybe a missed opportunity here*

We then talk about parking spaces and that she parks in the student parking lot even though she doesn’t have a permit but only after 4pm ******

We make it to my car, I tell her to not look (at the inside of my car, this was supposed to be a joke but didn’t have the effect that I thought it would)

I hand her my book and we walk back, I listen to her talking about the books that she got and the stories that coincide with them lol

*writing all this now, I sort of realize that she was talking kinda fast as if she was excited to talk to me, not super fast but fast enough for me to notice right now lol*

I notice that she’s out of breath, about midway back to the library she hands me back my book. She kept saying that she knew it would take 20 minutes to go and come back

I sass her back and tell her nope it didn’t take that long, I told her the time we took off and the time that it was at the that particular time and she practically repeats what I said, then ends what she’s saying with, “well it took 15 minutes!” playfully

*she didn’t want to take too long going and coming back getting the book*

Somehow some way, I believe I bring it up but she tells me that she’s most likely getting sick and she can’t really breathe through her nose only mouth and with all the talking she was doing with me, it got her out of breathe ;)

She realizes that she won’t be late I tell her she be tripping! I tell her that we need to sit down to take the pictures not do it standing lol

She takes her pictures of the chapters and were both taking about our classes, I tell her about a lab that I have and she tells me about a lab professor (guy by the way) that she knows and maybe can hook me up with an easy grade.

Now I’ve come to understand that women don’t like men bragging or talking too much about other women, and honestly I believe the same applies to us men as well. Even though this applies, I don’t allow this to bother me and make me get upset about her talking about him (she did this briefly, she didn’t gush about him or anything just mentioned in quick passing).

We both talks about the club that we’re both apart of and she likes it but doesn’t like the way it is run. Talks about running for president for the club next year if she’s apart of it. she continues on but I change the topic, where it was at.

For some reason or another she ends up asking me about if I know how to spell her name (she has a rather unique name but I do know just want to spell her name out for her lol). She tells me that she doesn’t even know my first name.

Now I’m not gonna lie this got me a bit salty and my tone sort of chilled down a bit, I’m still my upbeat joking self but I calm that down a bit (my tone and only that not my body language).

It was a lot like in class it was something that I didn’t like but I didn’t let it ruin me.

She then tells me that she remembers my middle name and tells me that she erased my first from her contact and has me as my middle name. She goes on to tell me that she likes unique names, and she thinks my middle name is rather unique. She says all these random names that had the first letter from my first name but that was about it lol. I laugh at her for a bit and chime in on the names.

I jokingly tell her that she’s using me for my book. She says no! and continues saying that I say racy things. She says this a few times actually.

We talk about the mosquitos, and I tell her their all over me, and she says “that’s the most racist racy-iest thing you’ve said!”

I tell her no they go for her too, she sort of repeats herself. Like oh they occasionally like dark meat (something to that effect). I shrug it off and say I didn’t mean it like that.


She kept saying that I say racy/edgy things. Her saying this makes me think she doesn’t perceive me as some push over that won’t say anything.

Now finally she’s done with taking pictures of the chapters, I walk her to her last class of the day (I was done for the day and needed to print things from another class). We continue to talk and we’re both there at the machine and tells me that she’ll buy me my drink, after that she tried getting her drink and kept denying her. She was trying to get from the same row but it was out she got me the last one haha.

We have our drinks then I walk her. As usual I give her a hug then kiss her on her cheek, she always turns her face to the side when I give her the kiss btw.

I really want to do special things with this girl and if I make this happened which I really want to, I would need to get her out via text game on the weekend.

M-F my schedule is packed and I can’t do jack shit (M,W, F I work practically all day and Tuesday’s and Thursday’s I go to school all day), I’ve been waking up early and everything (will talk about this later). I work like every other Saturday. So my schedule’s pretty packed/busy but I’m happier by the day. I’m also talking to about 4 other girls. I’ll post about those in time. One of them taught me a valuable texting lesson, which I’ve been meaning to post.

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i know

This is a long one I know but I wanted to be thorough!

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It appears like you need to

It appears like you need to be more challenging and polarizing. From what you wrote you're filtering yourself and the interaction is too casual. You guys are classmates but stop getting stuck in that box, your time together should be sexy and exciting. The interaction and texting got a lot better at the end when you became more expressive and cocky funny.

She is actually giving you lots of great opporunities to be challenging too. When she bought your drink you could have jokingly said, "You want to buy my drink? You better not be trying to seduce me woman I'm not some piece of meat!"

You should be escalating on the way to the car somehow. It is school so it's not quite like a date but you can still claw her in and make her spin like a lil princess all of that fun stuff. Then pull her in and kiss her with power. Also, why are you trying so hard to get her out over text? If you see her in person all the time start seeding the date from there brotha! Tell her you will whoop her butt at beer pong or something!

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Spot on!

Meow you're so right man! 

I felt like something was missing wasn't to sure what it was. Funnily enough with my interactions with girls I don't flirt but they almost admire me but since I don't flirt enough/not all it won't go anywhere in person. I need to push it more. 

Yeah now that I think about I see her quite often enough that I should seed it then! Fuck, idk why I was thinking that way. That's just dumb.