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I compiled a playlist with a lot of songs recommended on here (THANKS!) along with some of my own favorites. I'll be continually updating it to include more songs and different genres of music.

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Solid! Everything seems to

Solid! Everything seems to have a rap/rnb twinge to it tho. Not that I'm against appropriating black culture to get laid, but who do you think's teaching black dudes game, hmm? ;) 

Okay that's my racist comment for the week I'm done. 


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Joined: 01/04/2015
Lol Yeah and I used to hate

Lol Thx! Yeah and I used to hate RnB. We got Blacksploitation and Sexploitation all in one. It'd make for a damn good movie.

I'm gunna add more erotic edm, house, trance, etc and some good rock fuck songs. Maybe even country... lots of cowgirls at the clubs I frequent. But they only get freaky on the dance floor when the DJ plays some naughty hip hop. hahahahaaha