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It’s pretty apparent that male sexuality is being shamed to a degree never before seen in history. 

We have so much access to porn and and sex from apps but yet we are shamed for our own natural desires and forced to repress our impulses. The outcome of repressed sexual energy is never good. Diseases of the mind and body, harmful sexual perversion (rape, incest, lust murder, pseudo homosexuality) and all sorts of shame and anxiety fester when you are sexually repressed. 

I would venture to say that 80 percent of community guys are sexually repressed. They block their sexual energy and it festers and turns into anxiety and parasitic mental phantoms which feed off of this excess and undirected, suppressed energy. 

Hell, most people are sexually repressed in general. A truly sexually unrepressed person is very magnetic and comes off “high value” quite naturally. These people are the ones who you come across your life very rarely but you never forget them. They glow and buzz with an energy that is very attractive indeed. 

Only two things set them apart from the rest of us:

1. They are not sexually repressed in any way. This means that the sexual energy in their body is created freely and also flowing freely throughout their system. They are very in touch with their inner body and enjoy inhabiting it. Your validation cannot make them feel better than the sensations of their inner body, which is where their sexual energy is. As they feel good in their body, they think positive thoughts about themselves. Unconsciously they use the sexual energy surplus to fuel empowering and loving thoughts towards themselves, freely and plentifully. Thus, the congruent actions of a self loving, high self esteem person who is comfortable with themselves follow naturally. 

2. They unconsciously know how to use their available sexual energy to entice, to arouse and to incite other people. This can be through energy projection, sexual state projection, using their personality. Usually it’s a combination of all three, done totally unconsciously and thus suffering no interference from the ego/conscious mind. Their personality doesn’t even have to objectively be all that great, as many people who are sexually magnetic are not all that interesting objectively. As long as they let the sexual energy flow freely, their words and expression will be imbued with sexual magnetism. 


Society is trying to make men suppress their sexual energy further. This is a tragic state of affairs because to block and repress this energy causes much harm. The excessive releasing it through masturbation drains it. At every turn youre being influenced to either supress your sexual energy or to waste it.

Abstinence from masturbation and ejaculation unless it’s from a real woman, intense physical excercise, serious meditation and spending much more time in the real world living and seducing is the best way to defend yourself against these sicknesses which sap you of sexual energy and thus comply with the agenda of those who wish to harm us.

”Safe” Seduction in 2018:

I noticed a lot of guys want to stop physically escalating and learn how to be more chill, have the women come to you etc etc. There is this fear that you’ll be the creepy guy who’s going to be “charged” with “rape”. Lol. 

Sorry to tell you but the reality is that there is no “safe” way to seduce. Sure, you can use some advanced concepts of energy and psychology together to make a girl very attracted, but 9/10 she will not make the big move. Sure, she’ll touch you first if you’re really good. Then you’ll feel free to touch her and escalate and make the big move. However, what if she doesn’t touch you at all? What then? You see that she wants you but she just won’t touch you. Oh maybe you’re not high value enough. Better play it cool. Maybe she’s not into guys who are aggressive and is going to press charges on you. Better slow burn it. Night ends. Oh you didn’t get laid but you have her number. Text her. She replies. “Who’s this?”. Lol. That’s what happens when you’re scared to escalate. 

Living in fear of being “arrested” for “sexual assault” (lol) or being judged as creepy for touching a woman, or to think that because you’re taking what you want in life that somehow she thinks you’re “low value” is not the way of being sexually magnetic! Living in fear is NOT how things get done and definitely not a way to live.

Fear and shame are the great destroyers. 


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Good post man, pretty much

Good post man, pretty much agree with most of this, but one key call out (not that it was a major theme in your post though), 

Porn is NOT a tool for sexual liberation for guys, it does the exact opposite. I am not going to preach no fap, that’s everyone’s choice. However, if you are binging porn hardcore and not getting laid, you are basically aiding in your own self sabotage. Extremely heavy porn use warps your reward circuitry to no end and can lead to serious imbalances in dopamine. That alone can lead to a whole string of extremely negative and deep seeded issues around sex, self worth, etc. 

For most guys it isn’t an issue, but if you grew up in the high speed internet age and have been watching some hardcore ass gangbang scenes since you were 12, i would strongly recommend you read up on the side effects of over consumption of that shit, it really is not good. Small amounts, no problem, large quantities, not recommended 

end rant, lol

Joined: 01/03/2018
Nah I agree with you. Porn is

Nah I agree with you. Porn is horrible and I do nofap. I’d rather create porn in my life than watch it lol. The kind of porn niggas gotta make need storylines though. 

Porn is like real but it’s not lol. People are really fucking but they’re not really going through the mating process. This is a perfect mirror to what some guys go through when they want to fast forward their interactions like it was porn. They wanna jump to the “good stuff”. They don’t know everything before and during sex is the good stuff. 

Real seducers know that sex starts at hello. 


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Solid post! Though I would

Solid post! Though I would surmise that on average community guys are better off than the regular population. 


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