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if u remember one of my last posts i mentioned about a convo i had with chick when i twisted her around from telling me i m a ass and what not....then sending me kisses and shit...yesterday she started to talk to me again...bragging that she just came home from a trip to dubai...chick sure has her cash in order :)) she adds new pics and i point that out...i say that some pics are worth for scientific study :))she tells me she wants to talk to me with whatsapp ...never used it...i install that and ask her for the contact details...i think she really likes me in some weird way:))dont know what is my next move admit that i was messing with her...that i m not a rich bastard or to keep on the acting :))?

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GAME her. Good text game is

GAME her. Good text game is independent of all of that shit. It's emotional blasts to her face over and over again 


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i will ...will keep u in touch the very least i want to make her send me some pics with her boobs...dont know for sure if they are fake or not:))