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Shit test (MW and Jack.Ruby would love to hear your guys' opinions)

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Met this girl last weekend 

her: Andrea.

me: Ya'll at xbar?

her: lol no we left to my friends frat

me: Lol fuck that get over here

her: HAHAHA! how?!

me: Ummm walk over...

her: okaaaaay, obvi but I dont have a fake id

me: Whattt f that. So where u guys at

her: party got shut down. Laaame. Lol I'm at my dorm.

me: Wtf thats the lamest thing ive heard all week

me: Lets turn up at **my bldg where we met

her: hahahahha right!! yeeeea I aint trying to walk back to xxbldg

her: how's it a turn up with like only 6 people? hahaha

me: What dorm u in

me: Dude me= atleast 12 ppl

her: lol didnt seem like it.

me: Wtf hatorade sucks to suck

her: yea u would know

her: why'd u give me ur number anyway? lol

me: Uhh u txted me...

her: hahaha oh right. I thought u txted urself through my phone

me: Yah we should continue the party

her: what party?

me: THE party. Its early as fuck. Meet me outside xbar

her: I dont wanna walk. Lol srry

me: Ok so where's ur dorm I'm gona pour up some don perignon over there

her: are u by yourself?

me: Yeah

her: thats lame as shit

me: Fuck you

me: I'm w my roommate were ballin out

me: Sucks to suck

her: so rude

her: lol it was a joke

me: Lets hang then dont be a Gaylord. What dorm I'm bringing popcorn

her: haha im omw to hollywood rn

me: Ur gay

her: hahaha okay cool

her: why are u being an asshole?? Lol nice first impression

me: Girl u didnt invite me was trying to hang. Jerk

her: I didnt know thaaaat

me: Where u at in hollywood

next morning

her: lol sorry my phone died

me: Let's get breakfast

me: Punk

her: I'm at a conference right now

me: Well when's it over. Getting pretty hungry here

her: Hahaha go eat. It's not over till 2

me: Ok come to the pool

her: where?

me: *my bldg* fool

her: don't talk to me like that. I don't have a bathing suit. You live there?

me: U live in Cali and dont own a bikini? Strange

me: Well come anyway

her: Lol I have one at home. I'm from Huntington Beach.

me: Alright well where u at I'm eating here then scooping you up. Be ready in 30

her: Haha it's gunna take me lke an hour to get back to LA

her: plus I already got plans.

me: Whatever

her: Dang all mad

me: Punkin u texted me cuz u wanted to hang. We went to meet you guys last night but u left, I've come up w several alternatives but you've blown them off...

me: If u have something better let me know.

her: Lol I txted you ?? Well today I'm busy and I'm leaving town.

me: Yes u must have gotten my # from one of ur friends

me: I won't hold it against you obviously have good taste in men ;)

her: You put your number in my phone and txted yourself. Lmao

her: how old are you anyway?? Lol

me: That's def not true. I did that on Ana and Annelise's phones not urs

me: Plus I never use periods

her: yes u did

her: lol doesnt matter though. looks like you give your number out a lot

me: Supply n demand ;)

her: yea not cute

me: And no honestly just to ppl who seem cool

her: Oh ok

her: Well I guess I seem cool then


me: Hey you. Glad you didnt get mauled by a bear. Heard theyre frisky this time of year

her: oh they are? wow I had no idea. thanks for letting me know. you're the best!

me: Thanks boo. Was bout to make a protein smoothie but my freezer died *Sweat emoji

her: lol wow that really sucks ass

me: I know

her: how do you think I feel w/o a blender *crying emoji

me: Umm yes that's a serious issue. I know of a place around here that serves up serious smoothies though

her: take me

me: K what's yer address. Gotta get changed first so gimme a few

her: lol not rn. What time do they close? I should be in LA by 8

me: Hmm they close early since it's Sunday. Can you shoot pool. Or at least make an attempt at it ; )

her: I'm okay at it lol

me: K well be ready to get spanked

her: lol ohh

me: Yah what time you getting back

her: I'm barely leaving hb

me: Ok pumpkin are you back. I just ate an amazing salad

her: I'm over here starving ... Lol  

No not yet

me: K let me know

her: I don't wana play pool tho lol

me: Ok we can hit up redbox, haven't watched a movie in awhile

her: Haha do you live with anyone else?

me: I have a roommate but he has his own room

her: It's not Robbie is it??

me: Lol no

her: haha ok

I call her she says she has 30 more minutes of writing her paper if she stops messing around. I tell her to finish up and txt me she says ok

me: I'm reading Michael Jordan's biography it's the bomb

her: Lol is it rlly?

me: Yeah, He's such a G. Crazy crazy work ethic

me: unlike someone I know lol

her: lol who ?

me: You lol, where are ya I'm scooping ya up

me: You got 15 min to finish

her: Lol I'm not done

her: I didn't finish oh well

me: It's cool you'll finish later

her: Yea ima finish it tomorrow

me: So where am I heading right now

her: I'm still doing hw *exhasperated emoji

I ignore her for like an hour cuz another girl calls me and tells me shes coming over, but the other girl ends up changing her mind since she has work in the morning and wants more time to hang

me: You suck, hairy balls

her: *chinese face emoji

her: lol I bet you're just tryin to get it in

^^shit test

I didnt think about this clearly enough before executing, i was going to misinterpret by saying "yes i love getting it in, thats why i wanted to play pool so we could get some shots in"... ended up rapid fire texting this:

me: Yes I love getting it in

me: But you're being gay

me: Like you said you'd be done hours ago

me: That's ball licking material

me: And by getting it in I mean popping in a DVD

** I call her she cancels the call

me: Nevermind I invited some buddies over we're drinkin and playing battleship. Fuck you

1.5 hrs

her: You're so rude

1 hr

her: Why you such an asshole?

so I'm wondering how I can turn this around, and destroy her bullshit-tests

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Fuck you? Whats wrong with

Fuck you? Whats wrong with you dude?

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Try to be a bit more normal

edit nevermind

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@alphapro nothing man. I'm

@alphapro nothing man. I'm trying to set some boundaries here. She was acting like we were going to hang all day while we were texting and then pulled continuous excuses when it actually came to meeting up

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Holy shit! That was a lot of

Holy shit! That was a lot of texting.

Okay. First off, you came across really negative/confrontational/crass. Every other text you sent was something along the lines of "Fuck that." "Don't be a punk." "Suck it." I know what you were trying to do. You were trying to create a "don't give a shit" alpha dude vibe, but it was uncaliberated. It worked for a bit and she played along at the beginning because she knew you were joking around, but the more you did it, the less effective it became and the ruder it started to sound. It's fine to do a little bit of the harder stuff at the beginning, but know when to pull back.

Second. Don't chase. She told you multiple times she wasn't free and she didn't want to hang, but you kept on pushing. It's fine to push in real life, but it's different over text. Don't do it. If she doesn't want to hang out, no amount of texting is going to convince her. In fact, it'll just drive her away. If a girl says she can't hang out, don't chase or push to meet up. Instead just say, "Too bad." If it's a same night thing, maybe ask her what she's doing later. If she's interested she'll suggest something or mention that she'll be free later. If she doesn't, it means she's not interested. The last thing you want to do though is be pushy over text. It never ends well.

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@Ethan X  Alright thanks for

@Ethan X 

Alright thanks for the input. More often than not I feel like I come across as being "too nice" but I obviously see what you're saying.

See that's where in my mind that's not what I was seeing. You're saying she told me multiple times she "didn't want to hang" but I didn't get this from the convo. She asked what time the smoothie joint closed, and that she'd be back by 8. In my mind I'm reading that as she wants to hang, after she told me to take her to the smoothie place. Then when I switched it up to the movie she asked me if I live alone, which once again in my mind suggests that she is definitely interested in hanging out but is still a little nervous and apprehensive about it. And wants to experience more of me to be assured that she will have a good time with me

But I do see where I could have left the ball in her court, but I wasn't trying to do that in this situation I was going for the kill. 

Which I definitely think I could have done but I didnt handle her "lol I bet you're just tryin to get it in" test properly

Could have stolen her frame earlier by going

me: Ok let me know I'm thinking we should watch xmovie. No funny business tho young lady *emoji

or once she said that

me: Totally, I always get every ball in in pool. I'm still down for a movie too, I'm a virgin tho so don't think you're gona take advantage of me or anything like that

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Dude chill out. You got this,

Dude chill out. You got this, just be chill. 

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A quick scan reveals you are

A quick scan reveals you are pushing for the meetup too much. You just can't do that. Sucks, I know, but ya gotta chill on that. Other than that I think it's kinda funny. You can do a LOT of things with that sort of overaggressive type negativity. I've got some shizz probably make some of your bloodz run cold. One girl I got so pissed off at her I berated the fuck out of her then told her I was only showing up if the first thing she did was get in my car open her mouth and put my cock in her mouth. Which is what happened. Derp 


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@MW LOL! Yes I didn't think


Yes I didn't think this was that over the top... I am kinda being a dick, but honestly... girls do this to guys all the time where they act like they want to hangout and flake on them. As men we have full right to call anyone out that does this, it's just not right.

I think guys are so used to being treated like this, that it makes this conversation look way more "out there" than it really is. To be honest I'm just expressing my honest feelings throughout most of this. At one point she tells me "I'm lame as shit" or something to that effect, and my "negative" reply was fully warranted. even if it's a joke you got to be able to throw it back in the person's face, and make them look dumb, if that's what they're doing to you. You don't just sit back and take disrespect. That's what I'm learning as I'm learning to assert myself.

I get that I was pushing for the meetup a lot though and that's duely noted.

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Ok guys, I'm trying to manage

Ok guys, I'm trying to manage this so this goes down smoothly this time.

Called her last night then she called me at 6am and texted me at 9am

her: sup?


I call her at 12:30pm, tell her I want to do something fun with her later she's giggling and tells me she'll be back in LA from OC later

her: What exactly did you wanna do?

me: Just get a drink, we can blaze if u want. It's just been a tiring week I want to do something relaxing

her: I don't drink lol but I'll smoke. Yea I'm trying to get over some shit frm this week. Relaxing sounds nice

me: Sounds good :)

her: wanna swoop me up then?:)

me: Sure I can do that

her: yay cool

her: I'm craving some angry orchard tho lol if you can get some.

me: That was a short lived sobriety ;)

her: Haha I'm drinking some rn

me: I'm working on this song it's a pain in the butt. It's going to be nice to chill with you

her: you make music?

me: yeah

her: one thing we got in common

me: Hey babe taking a break now

her: Babe? Isn't it a bit too soon lol

Cool. I just got done hiking

me: Hiking? Back in OC I bet thats a dope view

her: Nah I'm in Hollywood rn

me: Nice, well I've got Bacardi n icecream here if u want anything else you should grab it on the way back

her: I'm good with that :)

me: Cool let me know when i should plan on swooping I'll get the batmobile ready

her: Haha nice. I'm heading back in a few so I'll txt ya

her: Do you have a hot tub

me: Yup! Was going to mention that

her: Lmao I only have bathing suit bottoms. Not a top :)

me: U can wear a bra no one cares

her: Lmao uhhm

me: Up to you sweetpea. Def not an issue tho

her: lol I'll see ;)

her: Let me finish up some work and I'll txt you :)

She just called me here's most of the convo:

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You're not projecting enough

You're not projecting enough attitude. And that phone convo? Dying/dead. What was the point? You need to be projecting..

Girl: Hey it's Adorbs or ###

Me - 4 mins later: The sorta Pocahontas looking girl? ;) 

Girl - 1 min later: Haha yeah the one 

You sent the wrong message too at the end addressing me as Ms.Sparkles lol 

Me: Uh well no that was designed to goad you out of retirement and hit me up 

Girl - 1 min later: Haha yeah okay whatever you say mister ... What's your real name "#$*#$)*#$)(*" ? 

Me - 4 mins later: I'm Jon ms adorbs 

Me: What are you doing up so late on a Saturday night 

Me: It's way past your bed time I think you need timeout 

Girl: Bored stiff 

Everyone's out and I'm like watching the the ALS movie with Hilary swank and Josh Dumel 

Girl: Haha it's still early 

Me: Well I may come rescue you 

Me: Als.. lol 

Me: Are you making fun of retarded kids 

Girl - 1 min later: I'm crying my eyes out 

No one appreciate it sees you until some unfortunate happens/occurs 

Girl: Oh you may come and rescue me ... Oh really 

Me - 2 mins later: Mhmm. I'll be Jon Smith and give you small pox, Pocahontas 

Me - 1 min later: I'm assuming you don't drive right 

Girl: Haha I don't want small pox no bueno I'll pass on that part 

Girl: Why do you assume that? 

Me: I didn't I'm just being an asshole hehe 

Girl: I have a DL but not my own vehicle which prohibits me to have leisure time driving due to sharing it with my Madre .. So partially right lol 

Me - 1 min later: Thank gawd that's one less woman on the road I can sleep a little better 

Me: What part of town you in don't say something crazy 

Girl: Border of henderson and Las Vegas by Galleria 

Girl - 2 mins later: And hush your mouth mister 

Me - 3 mins later: Oh you're close buhbee 

Me: Want to hang out? 

Me: But promise me no funny business I'm shy and timid. Plus I would need a signed permission slip from my mom first 

Girl: Sure 

What are we going to do though? 

Girl: No funny business here mister 

Me - 4 mins later: Shoot pool and drink beer. Duh 

Girl - 1 min later: Well I don't drink beer but okay 

Girl - 5 mins later: So what's the game plan otherwise I'll stay laying here lol? 

Me - 2 mins later: Give me an address I'll be over in like thirty 

Girl - 1 min later: Okay I have to get dressed myself 

#### rawdick st



I go in and I'm crisp, clean and my vocals are fucking coming out like music. - Anonymous MW student

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Thanks for the feedback,

Thanks for the feedback, youre right.

I got her over here she gave me head and I fucked her. The condom came off during and was giving me issues so I fucked her lil 18yr old pussy raw...then kicked her out.

Now I just need to get my 2 doors down chick over. I want her.

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I go in and I'm crisp, clean and my vocals are fucking coming out like music. - Anonymous MW student

- Autismus Terminus Finis (Root Cause/Cure of Autism Epidemic)

- Called Off My Wedding & Other Turn Tail Signs Of The American Male

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