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Bit mixed up with her last text logistically. She is too busy for drinks but agrees the plan is to get drinks? I guess she meant on the wknd, which is probably the first time we can meet up anyways, she's probably 45-60 min drive away. It's usually not my thing but she is one of those few girls who can pull off short hair

Me: Um. Hi. Anyways, I feel you appear attractive and consequently would like to explore the possibility of enchancing your life by means of exposure to my awesomeness kthxbai


Her: Hey! I think that sounds quite nice, but I wonder, Ice, how you intend to enhance my life?


Me: We'll now obligatory pleasentries have been duly doled out, it's only appropriate to discuss mutually beneficial awesomeness growth via margaritas


Her: margaritas you say? Indeed, that does sound like an enjoyable way to  become acquainted


Me: I thought so. And then if we can't come to any conclusions we can fight it out with some pool cues


Her: Only if we use them as swords


Me: Uhh that wasn't clear already lol what are your plans like this week beb


Her: I just wanted to make sure we were on the same page sir


Her: Haha I'm a tad busy this week, first week back at school and all


Me: Ok no worries lil missy.


Me: First week back sounds like an excellent time to start drinking. Which school 


Her: agreed that's the plan! I go to *school NOT near me dammit*. are you in school?

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Lol is that first two texts

Lol is that first two texts Jeff's foolproof opener? 

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The first text is one of

The first text is one of Jeffy's openers. 

It's the most gold online opener I've come across though. Legitimately, CRUSHES on some next-level shit 

The second line, is just some bullshit I came up with, but I don't know if it's that great. 

I used that line, mainly cause she responded with some slightly sarcastic shit, like, "Glad we got that cleared up" ----and this is kinda one of those, "Dead in your tracks" answers... so I was kinda just makin a joke out of it - like obviously the way our conversation had just gone wasn't your "obligatory pleasentries"

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It's got that jeffy opener

It's got that jeffy opener for sure. What was his rainbow one? 

And lmao i could tell. I was debating on going into playful details about our date which I think would've worked nicely but used the second text, changed the wording a bit actually but I liked the second part in response to her text. It had a different tone in yours for sure

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haha I read her response as,

 I read her response as, "Only if we use ass swords" 

haha and I think her last response is basically saying that she plans to be drinking during the first week back at school... like that's why she's gonna be busy basically lol

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Lol fucking duh! First week

Lol fucking duh! First week back, that's exactly what she meant. Glad I waited

Ass swords haha maybe on the second date

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Me: Uhh that wasn't clear

Me: Uhh that wasn't clear already lol 

seemed a bit unnecessary, but thats just me.

I would have said " LOL. I don't know about that,  Where do your sword handling skills fall on a scale of 1-10?"

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So what's the problem? Just

So what's the problem? Just set up plans


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