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Met this girl at the club and was in set 30 mins. Escalated and made out for a few seconds. My text game needs work, but she randomly throws this shit test at me after 3 days silence. Racking my brains but can't figure out how to handle it. 


[Sat 1pm] ME: Yo! Macquarie Fields. I've decided I'm going to wear a Zebra dress too.  

[5 mins later] HER: Hi, you would look great in a zebra dress
[8 mins later] ME: I'll wear it on safari. How'd the rest of the party go? 
[5 hours later] HER: The party went well :) how was the rest of your night ? 
[Sun 11am] ME: Was good fun. I'm having an awesome chill day today. So relaxing. What you up to beb
[45 mins later] HER: Just in the city having lunch :)
[2 hours later] ME: Cool. What you up to tonight? Let's shoot some pool
[2 mins later] HER: I can't tonight sorry I have personal training
[1 hour later] ME: For some reason I can totally see you being stronger than you look. 
[1 hour later] HER: Hahaha let's hope you dont have to find that out
[Mon 12pm] ME: Ha. You're probably all talk anyway. So this weird old guy bought his son into work today. All I can think is 'you've had sex!?'
[1 hour later] HER: Hahaha .. Guess what your parents had sex to make you
[15 mins later] ME: Yeah but my parents are hot! So it's ok. 
[2 mins later] HER: Wow !!
[5 mins later] ME: Wowser would have been a much cooler response 
[5 mins later] HER: Ohh sorry .. Wowser hahaha
[20 mins later] ME: Now I respect you!
[1hour later] HER: Thank you hahaha
[ 2 hour later] ME: Yo meet me for ice cream this evening. I wanna fatten myself up 
[Thursday, 3 days later] HER: Soo Patrick who are you really ?

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Doesn't strike me as a shit

Doesn't strike me as a shit test, looks like she's being flirty/curious about you like "omg who are you" I would just answer it in a humorous way.

The silence was though. She was expecting you to pursue when you didn't it forced her hand and she's showing interest. I would wait a few hours before a short humorous response.

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Lol holmes you're

Lol holmes you're doing so good but your meetup attempts are jarring. You got to be smoother with them. Especially that last one 


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Manwhore wrote: Lol holmes

Manwhore wrote:
Lol holmes you're doing so good but your meetup attempts are jarring. You got to be smoother with them. Especially that last one 

My text game is shit and even i noticed lol. 

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dude thats not even a shit

dude thats not even a shit test, she just was trying to say whats up!

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lol yeah - that's totally not

lol yeah - that's totally not a shittest. It's actually an amazing opening to go in some cool ass directions

Make something awesome up and then start a role-play 

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I mean, that's just what

I mean, that's just what immediately came to my mind, and what I would do if I got that text