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Hello, hellooo... 

Hope everyone here has been well....

I want to be a little more active in here, but I'll start with a quick post! I was dealing with an injury that made typing problematic, but I seem to have it under control! 

Here's something I've learned recently....

1. Be a Slow Texter 

As a high value guy, I kinda felt it was stupid to try and be a slow texter and mirror the girls response times to some extent. I felt it was silly, if I'm free at that moment, then I should text! 

Well, I think I was wrong in a lot of ways. I'm getting much better results, by 80% of the time, taking longer to reply than the girl..... It's amazing how much of a difference this can make..

Obviously, there are times when you want to scrap this.. If she just responds, and you want to solidify a meet up right then and there. But I definitely feel this is a good rule to have..

The hotter the girl, the more true this is! 

2. Re-initiation game is kinda difficult

I'm finding it more and more difficult to successfully reinitiate with girls.. Not sure why this is... But, this goes back to the first point.. Take long to respond, and she's more likely to respond. You don't want to get in a position where you need to re-initiate..

One of the solutions here is to wait it out... Don't be too quick to re-initiate. Best case sceneraio, you wait it out a little longer, and she hits you up!! Much more leverage here...

3. Committment 

I definitely feel like no matter what, you can't fully rely on online game to build a great dating life. It also tends to pull you into an energy glued to social media, and less focused on being present...

I think it's really important to prioritize two days per week to really game and approach a good handful of girls.. You can not under-estimate the importance of this... 

Use online game, in combination with going out.. But I was getting sucked into going out, and just partying and getting drunk.. Gah, dumb... When I start going out again, I'm going to focus more on becoming present, having fun and approaching girls.. And less on drowning myself in liquor.... 

So I'm going to plan two nights per week, to hit solid bars, to really approach.... 

4. Don't Have an Open Schedule

Due to the nature of my work and life, I can be very flexible and move things around and see girls when works for them... But this is a problem. I'm prioritizing them high in my life. I feel it's important to have a solid schedule too... Especially with girls that seem to stay in your life..

You don't want to end up in a position, where you're working around her schedule and waiting on when you can see them... Put your foot down, and even if you really want to see her and she's free, sometimes it's good to have a life.. "sorry beb, got a dinner with the guys tonight"... 

Don't be too available.. I'm going to work on developing a more active and vibrant lifestyle with more weekly dinners, events and activities.. With less free nights.. I hate being too available. Girls should really need to giht and earn my time...

5. Don't under-estimate being Present and Tolle

Living in our lifestyle and society, we get negatively conditioned everyday. In order to undo this, it's super important to spend time meditationg with Tolle.. 

Listening for 20-30 minutes per day, is super important. Playing with different audiobooks. Listening intently, and writing notes about powerful realization that you can then read over for the rest of the week... 

yesterday I listened, and I found myself much more free, open and careless. Worrying less about what people think of me and much more drawn to appraoch girls in the day and much more comfortable in myself...

I think this is something we should all do!!! 

6. Keep Talking and Approaching 

The nights I've gone out, where I did the best and was the most free.. I didn't wait for the perfect girl to talk to... I talked to anyone, even in a small way.. And, I'd keep talking and approaching new people, very quickly you develop an incredible state... This is also why it's so important to have the mental strength, to do those first few approaches that can be difficult. 

Develop the strength, to approach when it's really hard and don't worry about the outcome at all. The outcome is to approach and that's it and bring yourself outside of your head and away from the effect of social pressure! 

AIght! That's all for now.. But this is all stuff I really am going to focus on.. I want to build my dating life up quite a bit... Right now it's okay... But nothing special or awesome.. In December, I was in heaven haha...

I don't care a ton about banging tons of sort of cute girls.. I'm much more drawn to the very, very attractive type.. 

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Good shit mang. The forum

Good shit mang. The forum awaits more of your greatness! ;) 


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#1 and #2, I couldn't agree

#1 and #2, I couldn't agree more with. My two kind of realizations in the past little while. I'm working on them as we speak as well.

I find re-engagement to be a tricky one the more I progress.

Texting slower is something I've started doing again after adopting that "Super busy/Short answer" texting style.  Although, I was genuinely busy when I adopted that style, it bit me in the ass with a handful of girls and honestly was super boring. Starting to get that kick your feet and tilt your head back laughing style of texting back again.


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