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SJW's Conduct New Study That Links Bodybuilding w/ Patriarchy & Male Oppression

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Quote: "We have previously

"We have previously found that men who hold stronger oppressive beliefs are more likely to think that thinner women are attractive,"

"For example, they might react to having a female boss by beefing up at the gym."


Every dude I've seen IRL that has actual resentment of women looks like he has no concept of a gym.

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I once read the best

I once read the best indication of a man's political preference is his upper body mass. Bigger, stronger, more sexually dimorphic men tend to vote Republican. Smaller, weaker, androgynous men, Democrat.

You could postuate this has to do with self-reliance or discipline being a core value etc.

You could look at this as these men embody traditional male gender roles.

...You could attempt to demonize them and say they are "sexist" because they like thin women lol.

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From what i've seen people

From what i've seen people with a higher education tend to put more importance on social skills, fashion, having a broad network of people/social circle, being fit but not excessively big, while working class guys value having big muscles and macho values alot more.

It's not unfathomable to imagine there being a correlation between muscle mass and holding on to traditional gender roles to be honest. A correlation doesn't mean shit though. Correlation does not imply causation so this study is pretty worthless.