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To the skeptical dude: Status Report - mad years after

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Status Report - mad years after

Spent a few years head down on my career, a lot of nights, weekends, and early morning. Doubled my hourly wage, and I’m on pace to make six figures this year.

Some highlights of the last few years (pre covid):

  • Pulling an Eastern European beauty from a group of 7 of her friends while she was in the states for a few weeks
  • Went out solo and pulled two girls to a club off the street, made out with both of them, had them fight over me, and then had it blow up in my face
  • Girls have offered their single friend to hook up with me at the bar.
  • I’ve had sales jobs offered to me while interviewing for an operations role at a pre-IPO unicorn tech company. I got the job.
  • Won a pitch competition
  • I’ve had a woman I work with tell a group of coworkers she’d fuck the shit out of me if she were still unmarried at a happy hour once.
  • I’ve had promoters invite me to their events based on seeing my game.
  • I’ve fucked up a bunch of pulls.
  • Been blown out a bunch of times
  • This isn’t some fairy woo woo shit; it works. Manwhore’s a great teacher. There are MUCH better success stories than mine littered throughout the forum if you look. I still have a lot to work on. My game and dating life aren’t where I want it to be yet, but John knows his shit and can get you better results, period. I can't wait to start hitting it hard once this covid me clears up.

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    Looks good dude. I'm curious

    Looks good dude. I'm curious as to what your goals are currently? I'm thinking of writing a post on that and we can have the guys comment and get a massive goal-accountability thread going. There is an old one on here from 2013-2014 I believe? Regardless, it's buried lol. I still managed to go out during this pandemic it was a shit show, also hilarious :p Good thing things are probably going to be fully reopen this year - Did you ever try balling in the chaos?

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    Glad you're back holmes. Can

    Glad you're back holmes. Can you tell everyone about your original experience? What you'd gotten yourself into and how we got you out. You're a pretty amazing success story


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