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I'm constantly reminded of this. There is a window that you have to step through and if the window shuts you 98% of the time FUCKED.

Supposed to meet up with this girl from Pof at midnight after she gets off work. She sent me pics while she was laying down in bed and her boobs were oh so magnificent spread out evenly over her breast plate. She said,"come by my house and btw way your not getting laid." ........hahahahahahahaha. I love this shit.    So I said, "that's fine I can entertain myself all night long" come 9pm, 10pm, 11pm I had passed out. Before I had passed out I went through my head saying I'll just meet her tomorrow. She's so into me I can crush this whenever. Text her the next day and she said she was up till 5am watching movies. My intuition tells me she was probably flicking the bean too. But I say "lets meet up tonight" she says, "I'm a little tired im going to bed as soon as I get off work" I was like FUCK! I'm going out of town this weekend so it's gonna be Tuesday before I talk to her again. 

Bottom line is the seduction process has to start all over. I still think I can pull this off but I am always reminded that if a girl, especially a hot one, gives you an opening you better take that shit while it's hot otherwise that damn dirty window closes. And why should she fuck me? I failed her, she wants a guy that will show up and turn her out like a man should.


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So much truth

So much truth

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HA! Same thing happened to me

HA! Same thing happened to me tonight.

How the fuck do some of you find the energy to go out when you're legitimately tired??

I had gotten off work in the evening tired and planned a chill night. I ordered a huge meal to go and started munching away.

11:30 struck, the food coma was kicking in, and then this chick hit me out of the blue asking where I was at. 

She was at the club, 13miles away.... nah.

Told her I'm pooped out and to raincheck lol.