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Joined: 03/04/2014

So I met this other girl at a party, she must be way under 5ft. I was getting physical with her by picking and and just getting in her space but didn't kiss her. So she offered me her numb - took it but didn't text her. 

Then she added me on FB, and when I read her full name it actually rhymes with smurf. So I shot her a text saying :

heyy smurf, I think ur name actually makes u sound even more like a smurf!! Made me laugh a lil bit

She read it and didn't reply ? Not sure whether to send a follow up or give it time. Didn't wanna be direct in the 1st text coz it might come across as needy 

Joined: 03/04/2014
She eventually did reply,

She eventually did reply, must have been a good 10 hours

saying: woow charming, but in all fairness I am like smurf size 

At least I didn't offend her she seems fine with it