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so a girl that stopped responding to my messages calls me a few weeks later

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and i know that something is off, that this is just not the way things work but i pick it up anyway. and she starts very formally because she works in a bank, so it's clear that she has no idea who she's calling to. so i am like: "hey you", and then keep quiet. there's a long pause, it's obvious that she's trying to understand what's happening and after a while she asks: "who i am i speaking to?" and i am like: "it's alphapro, we met on the street a couple of weeks ago." so she apologizes that it's not the number she wanted to call and hangs up. LOL i bet she blushed for quite a few minutes after that.

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a few days ago the same thing

a few days ago the same thing happend to me, except she texted.

I pretended not to know who she is - here is what's funny.

She told me EXACTLY where and how i opened her, what i said - etc.

It's not even like she was guessing, she knew it all 100% exactly how it was - i know, because i found the old field report and read it.

Who the fuck remembers this shit?

Then she said 'we should hang out' sometime soon.

Now she just flaked on me today :D

Fucking hilarious.

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That's it? You just blanked

That's it? You just blanked out. Pathetic 


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i didn't blank out. i just

i didn't blank out. i just didn't think there's much to do with it when she called. retrospectively i think i could have played along, and pretend to be her client for a while. what would you do?