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Sold this girl a car on Wednesday and then fucked her on Thursday

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This girl and her friend came into the dealership where I work.  They are both cute.  At first they were "just looking."  Selling cars is like game in that there's a proven system that works called the "Road to the Sale" and everything works out the best when you simply follow the road to the sale and don't skip steps, basically *execute the program*. 

I know I caught these two off guard because they were derping around for a while.  Looking at each other and giggling instead of looking at me, making inside jokes, etc.  Clearly they were BFFs.  They treated me like a random guy who walked up to them at the bar, not like they walked onto a car lot looking to buy a car.  I had to subtly remind them that I was going to sell the one girl a car TODAY over and over.  Each time they stoppped following my lead or were being rude I took a few steps away from them and turned my attention elsewhere.  There was about 30mins of this crap and then we were out in the parking lot.  They weren't listening, were talking to themselves, ignoring me, etc.  So I just walked away from them towards the other end of the lot.  Pulled my phone out and played with it, not looking at them or in their direction.  Of course they followed me over there a minute later. 

From then on I knew I had them.  They fell in line, I teased them mercilessly, and they followed me and did what I said.  The girl tried to protest a few times about how she wasn't ready to buy today, but I simply ignored her and continued through the steps of the process. 

At some point I won her friend over because her friend was helping me talk her into buying a more expensive car than she had planned on.  She bought.  I got both of their numbers and started texting them.

Thursday morning I went to the liquor store before work and picked up a bottle of Ciroc.  The girl had to come back to drop off the title to her trade-in.  When she came to the dealership I walked outside to her new car to demonstrate some of the features that she didn't understand and gave her the bottle.  Found out the two girls are roommates, and made plans to hang out with them after work and drink the Ciroc together. 

Turns out the one girl broke out in hives from what she ate for dinner that night so she was hiding in her room and refused to go out.  The other one (one I sold the car to) said I couldn't come over because her house was a mess, so I texted her "Counteroffer."  She suggested a street festival nearby with food trucks and beer.  After we were there for about 45mins she said she was "tired" and wanted to go home.  At the street festival I had my hands on her guiding her through the crowd and stopping her to look at what I wanted her to pay attention to. 

Back at her house it was a glasses of Ciroc on the rocks, a shoulder and back massage, then a titty massage, then a clit massage, and then her asking me "do you have a condom?"

Nope hahaha

Anyways, I was texting both of them today but the friend who I really want to bang is with her family this weekend babysitting.  The one I banged last night wanted me to come over again tonight but I'm tired and hungover.  They seem open to a threesome, they are both nurses and have no shame.  So that's my next goal.  Will keep you posted. 

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Nice. Send pics

Nice. Send pics


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