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was gonna cruise to a social drinking event for my school but i slept way through it. instead gonna mob to some bars that are literally a 5 min stumble away. 5th day in a row going out / drinking. [ lol ] gotta get it in before class actually starts. see ya in 3 hrs or so. 

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hit up a couple sets. for the

hit up a couple sets. for the most part i was just being a chode, kinda just chilling. finally started talking to some dude to get my momentum going. switched bars and hit up some chicks. lol some girl got super offended cuz i used her as an open, then spring boarded to her hotter friend. she called me on it and had to spend time back pedaling to tell her that wasn't the case. it was kinda annoying as shit. fucking ugly chicks. ended up having 5 beers total, a little more than i expected. this was also over 11 - 2am period so i was pretty sober. couple of weak opens, nothing really sticking. kinda just choding around until i open this super average mexican chick. whatever, i'll throw it in. she was kissing some indian dude but i could tell she was way more interested in me. after handling the situation and winning over the guys i told her she could come over for a beer. So I guess something to note is I always made it seem like "Your boyfriend is gonna get angry if you leave home with me." She tells me she's a big girl and she can take care of herself. She then asks him if he's going to get mad if she goes home with me. He says no, but you can tell this bothers him. Looks like this is his main squeeze from. Also side note, dude buys me pizza lol. Not for bragging but damn shady on her end. 

turns out i have no beer and mid hook up she asks where her beer is. [ probably needed more booze in her system + more time for comfort  ] and i didn't have any. i had a bottle of wine but no bottle opener so after making out for a bit she eventually dipped. was grabbing titties but she would stop me if i got under her shirt - was retarded. got the number and she just dipped. overall it was whatever. should've hit up hotter girls.

After thoughts: 

Looking back I'm kinda disappionted but this was honestly my first time out alone in god knows how long. Also in a brand new city where I don't know many people so I'm cutting myself some slack for only opening maybe 4 sets all night. Was a mellow night for the most part and more or less waited till the rhythm of the night was more favorable for me + got a little bit more booze in my system. Drinks are pretty cheap here and there are an abundance of hot chicks because there are hundreds of colleges around the city. As far as the girl I pulled, that situation kinda sucks for the guy. I was really not even super hard-lining her. More just staying in the set, shooting the shit, and just dominant without being over bearing. Positive-dominance. Unfortunately I kinda pussied out with the girl when we were in my apartment [ Which is just a 3 min walk from the bars ]. I think the main thing I should've done differently is tried to finger her or whipped the dick out. I think I was wayyyyyyy too predictable in my escalation, which caused her to freeze up. I.E. Kissing -> Neck -> Titties. And I basically recycled that several times mixed in with some weak dry humping. I actually mountain cilmbed her and pussed out on whipping it out. There were several moments when I could've just taken my buddy out but I didn't. The fact that one of my blinds is broken and you can see into the room kinda doesn't help lol. Whatever tho, shit happens. 

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Im in a new city aswell,

Im in a new city aswell, living at a hostel. I hadnt slept anything in 2 days so was feeling like crap and when a drunk chick approached me at the hostel i didnt do anything at all lol. Later headed out to the club area and didnt find any 18+ clubs and even on the streets all the girls were way older, wtf in my hometown everybody was like 18-20. Eventually i talked to a guy that said he knew a 18+ club but it didnt turn oyt to be what i expected. It was a shady place where everybody was smoking weed and doing coke but no attractive girls. Well at least the music was good so i danced a bit and then went home. Sober.

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No fat ugly chick would feel

No fat ugly chick would feel safe calling me out on, well.. anything. Your verbals were poop and you were too subdued so she felt she could. Either that or she was just making jokes and you could just have continued doing the same 


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@ Mw I mean it quickly

@ Mw 

I mean it quickly became an inside joke between the other girl and I that her friend was being weird. Like should i just be fucking grilling her in that situation? I mean I honestly felt like telling her "QUIT BEING WEIRD" and at one point she was like also apologizing, saying shit like "I'm sorry i'm being a cock block to my friend." It was just kinda like what the fuck are you talking about? I found it to be strange butthurt behavior. How should that shit be handled???? She like tried to pidgeon hole me with that so I would continue talking to her versus her friend. At one point though I had momentum since I started whispering to the better looking girl shit like "Your friend is being weird." Her and I were on the same page. I definitely had authority in the conversation since I was micro-managing the better looking girls behavior. I went up to her and said shit like "Be nice." [ Some dude I met in line was trying to come in and wing me but honestly she wasn't feeling it at all and it was blatantly obvious. ] We came in hot right after i did - it was almost simultaneous. My issue is that this girl just kept making shit extremely awkward for me and the better looking girl. Like she was being such a little shit despite her friend telling her to chill out as well. [ That's where the apology came from ] But then she quickly went back to being a shit or trying to like distract my attention from her friend, and onto her. I just flat out gave up after a while and just cut the convo. I know I handled a lot of this correctly, but it seems like the main issue here is sometimes these chicks need to be put in their place. I mean obviously I don't exude that aura where a chick shouldn't even think about starting shit with me. If the place had less energy, I definitely think I could've handled it the way I was and I think it would've worked itself out. But I think given the nature of the high energy environment, it required less finesse, and more brute. Correct me if I'm wrong by the way. These are just thoughts on how I should've handled it in retro. 

Also worth noting the set became increasingly more difficult as more guys just kept entering. So it's like now I got this chick being a little shit, bunch of dudes surrounding the cuter one. I just envisioned the girl using the guys as leverage and basically pussied out. cut my losses and moved on.  was hella weak tbh.