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I just want to know how I could navigate certain parts better. The convo is always flirty between her and I in person, there really is no excuse for why I haven't hooked up with her. Anyway, I'll be critiquing myself at the parts I feel I fucked up. So blue is move, white is her. Overall it was whatever, I know in person it's pretty on, but I need to get my shit together. There are certain key points where I feel like if I just guided the ship in the right direction. If this girl was cold I'm sure I wouldn't have the luxury of fucking up like this. 


Come to hard summer


Her: Cannttttt I will be in vegasssss






Her: No not even. Vegas is fun. Hahahaha and I will still be able to harass you over fb, texting and FaceTime.


i'm gonna ignore them all


i'm seriously gonna be too busy


Her: And are you going with Derrick? No you won't. You love me too much. You'll find the time because I'm intimidating


we need to get drunk so i can annoytatiana again


Her: When do you officially leave?


no official date yet


but before the 27th


of aug


Her: Ohhh that's over a month!! I will see you before then for sure:) promise


best be bish


my birthday is also july 18th


Her: Hahaha really? I'm seeing Dada Life on the 19th


i don't even know who that is


but yes, 18th is my bday


Her: Leeeeeee fuck?! Look them up


i will


if you come




Her: To what? Ahaha




i've been raging again


feels good to be [email protected]


Her: HAHAHAHAHAHAHA oohhhh kill em. You're being smart though right?




less than 20 drinks


that should do it right?




Her: HAHAHAHAHAHA oh okay. -__-




nah jp ya i've been good


Her: Stooopppiiidddd. Can't avoid death everytime you hooker


i got drunk 4th of july with like 7-8 drinks.


like standard drinks


Her: Hahahaha I would be drunk too....


not mixed drinks haha


Her: Wait what?


so like 3 beers, 3 shots, and a mixed jack and rum


I'm like such a lightweight because I never drink. I started buzzing off a Fat Tuesday in Vegas. Well that's also mixing alcohol...


Like drinking then shots then drinking typically does that




Yes I have one


What's your excuse




haha no it ain't


i haven't seen it


no pr00f


uh i don't wanna die is my excuse


Hahaha what happened to not caring about that.


not caring about wut


if you're a man?


Member last conversation we had you were all about cheating death. Yes obviously I'm a man. And guys continue trying to get at me. It's the testosterone I give off for sureeeee


it's that big white ghetto booty


Hahahahaha I don't have a big butt


bubble butt


bubble bubble butt


My butts normalllllll




Whhhaaattt it isssss






screenshot or it didn't happen

[Money, i think this is hilarious.]




i repeat. screenshot or it didn't happen.

[I think this is gay, I really wasn't sure how I should've proceeded. I didn't own it.]


the absence of evidence shows guilt [Not sure here]


Don't really know what you're asking for here ahha




it's chill, play coy.

[At this point just cringing because i really diverted attention away from the ass pics. lame]


also how can you not drink either, i feel like i've seen you drink more than 8 and be chill


Hahaha I hadn't drank since formal though and then in Vegas I drank and it hit me quickly


get your shit together


you and your little bubble butt need to develop a tolerance


Hahahahaha shut up!!!! I have a decent tolerance when I'm actually drinking.


well we'll have to see then


after i kick your ass at some beer pong


HAHAHAH I hate beer pong. I'm horriblleeeeeee


so we've established that i'm better than you at beer pong then


Hahahaha yeah you win by default. Proud?




Hahaha lemme get you a gold star. And make sure you put that shit on your resume


i'mma put a gold star on your ass


Hahahahaha cuz that won't look ghetto


it's already ghetto


No it's not!!!!!


put up a poll on your profile


***picture of her ass at a rave with her two friends*


Hhahaha uh no def not. See normal.


there are three pair of asses


i don't even know which one is yours


Exactly. Hahaha.


Making mine normal.


so without knowing


well no


1 out of the 3 is ghetto


Yes ahha


the one on the left is ghetto

[Obviously could figure out who she was, just poking fun]




No it's not ahahha




How is it any different?!?


about you



[I sent her a song from 2 live Crew: Big Booty Hoes]

Just self amusing cuz i thought it was hysterical how she was bugging out.


You're SO funny. But seriously how is the one on the left any different from the one like in the middle?


listen to the song


I know that song


that song


haha thanks for answering my question


yer welcome bebs


your booty just got way more in the trunk


Yeah but the left and the middle look exactly the same to me


What no... its totally close


lay off the dro




so when we gonna hang out so i can whoop your butt at kings cup


I fail at all drinking games






Hahaha cant we just get drunk?


yes but just don't take advantage of me


i promised my mom i'd be a good boy

So this last thing I said I think was fucking gay. I feel like it flicked her nose. Maybe shoulda went with something like "are you planning on taking advantage of me?" rapid fire "cuz i promised my mom i'd be a good boy"

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Ya the rephrase was better. 

Ya the rephrase was better.