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Me: Hi hows this snowy day treatin yah :)

Me: Perfect day for ice cream

Her: been in bed all day, jbu

Her: ice cream? hell no i'd freeze :)

Her: hbu?

Me: playin with the dogs n repainting the basement

Me: your right its more of a froyo typa day

Me: unless your a wimp :P

Her: ya froyo my friend

Me: froyo is the cooler more mature form of ice cream

Me: we should steal a bunch and sell it black market over in china

Her: oh realy

Her: hahaha where r u from

Her: ur funny

Me: Im from (town)

Me: Hbu

Her: nice im from (town)

Me: ohh la la 

Me: fancy

Her: fancy fancy

Me: My grandma is from (town) shes says imma good boy

Her: I go to school in (state) but im home like once a month

Me: Fuck (state) girl lots of moose up there

Her: I bet Ik ur grandma

Her: jk

Her: ya man (state) is crazy

Me: lol you stalk grandmas?

Me: your crazy

Her: (town) is a small town

Her: it was a joke

Her: but okay :)

Me: lol I know

Me: I bet your not too crazy

Her: okay

Her: crazy in good ways

Me: Like I could take you to starbucks without getting kicked out?

Her: yes

Me: thank gawd

Her: :) :)

Me: whats your sched look like lets get hot coco and people watch

Her: (schedule)

Her: so I got the entire week free

Me: im going back then too

Me: how about monday

Me: morning-afternoonish

Her: you go to (school)? thats nice

Her: and that works most likely lol

Me: yah I do imma gangster

Her: lol

Me: no moose up there hun

Her: you know (person)?

Me: only guns lol

Her: thats my best friend

Me: yes lol

Her: yoo

Me: we took a writing class together

Her: hes my nigga from hs

Her: good shit

Me: he likes the marijuanas lol

Her: yeah so do I

Me: me too :)

Her: ayyy

Me: who doesnt right

Me: only haters

Her: true

Her: well if u wanna stop this bullshit and text me you can   <---NICE

Her: #

Me: yeah fuck this app

Her: ur sexy af damn

Me: Hi gorgeous this is yer best friend from tinder

Her: lol what

Her: "yer best"

Her: good one (name)

Her: ur name is so cool

Me: lol thanks Olives

Her: :/ :/ :/

Her: olives really

Me: yeah I like olives A LOT

Her: I hate them

Me: pff whys that

Her: idk they gross me the fuck out

Me: shiit

Me: no olives for you

Her: nopppee

Me: so is it snowing money down in  (town)

Her: whats your last name

Me: (last name)

Me: whats yours

Her: it sure is

Her: (spin off of my last name)

Her: (last name)

Me: (responding to spin off of last name, still being outspoken and saying I own a restaraunt chain)

Me: jk

Her: :)

Her: ( crying laughing emoji)

Her: ur sexy as fuck

Me: yes im single why else would I be on the crazy wild world of tinder

Her: u probably talk to hella girls because youre really cute

Me: my mother says im cute

Her: I agree with her

Me: im just normal

Me: your sexy too Olivia

Me: id eat you up

Her: lmfao

Her: (person) wanted to back in hs never gave him a chance tho

Me: haha nooooo

Her: yeah I guess u can say im cute thats it tho

Her: not sexy

Me: pfff why no sexy

Her: I got cute ass nudes tho and no man to send them to

Her: bc single as fuck

Me: yah look smexy

Her: nobody likes me

Me: awwww poor lil thing I bet you have amazing boobies

Her: nah but I got an ass

Me: thats EVEN better

Me: lemme see

Her: cant trust i jus yet

Her: but then again its 2017 idgaf

Me: yah its a yolo typa year

Me: and I keep things to myself

Her: Id hope so

Her: (cute thong pic)

Her: tell me these r cute as fuck am I right

Me: omg Id pull those down quick and nibble on your butt

Me: im impressed

Her: ya but I jus got a huge ass surgery on my stomach so I got a nasty scar

Me: I dig scars they are a sign of character

Her: so the fron of me is trash rn until it heals

Her: (sexy video of her grabbing her tits and ass, VERY nice)

Her: yolo

Her: (scar pic)

Her: this is my scar its wack

Her: yo I got no chill I need to stop

Me: girl your so sexy id love to pull in your lil pod and kiss your delicious lips

Her: :) :)

Her: when he only wants to fuck :/

Me: ha! well Id like to bang a person and your pretty fun to talk to as well <--- a bit weird...I meant that sex is about the entire person not just the body..but fuck it

Her: lol thanks

Me: this dayyuum snow storm

Me: I wish I could see you today  <----highway is closed soo no way im getting there

Her: ik wtf

Her: nah im ug u dont wanna see me

Me: thats not possible for you :P

Her: lol thanks man

Me: soooo tell me about your life what are you pasisonate about

Me: whats makes your heart sing   <-----gonna build some rapport because she's easy to talk to and less likely to flake

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Joined: 03/27/2013
She's pretty fine too! I

She's pretty fine too! I could have amped this up even more and the sexting needs work but it's step in the right direction.

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False advertising. There's no

False advertising. There's no pics


I go in and I'm crisp, clean and my vocals are fucking coming out like music. - Anonymous MW student

- Autismus Terminus Finis (Root Cause/Cure of Autism Epidemic)

- Called Off My Wedding & Other Turn Tail Signs Of The American Male

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I tried to slide it into your

I tried to slide the vid into your DM's but only Bill Gates himself could figure out this window's formating :O

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Not bad sexting for sure.

Not bad sexting for sure. When she gives you shizz remember girls can't stand the thought of a life without dick so you can easiy turn that around on her. 


I go in and I'm crisp, clean and my vocals are fucking coming out like music. - Anonymous MW student

- Autismus Terminus Finis (Root Cause/Cure of Autism Epidemic)

- Called Off My Wedding & Other Turn Tail Signs Of The American Male

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Sooo lets talk about buyers

Sooo lets talk about buyers remorse and Tinder

It is not super common but several times now I have had great number closes on tinder and we chat about meeting up (or most recently I get sexy pics) and then I reegage and the interest appears to be gone. I've also noticed these girls UNMATCHING me and/or deleting their profiles off tinder shortly after. I get it, some girls are totally on Tinder for validation. There has been a few instances where we dance around the idea of going on this AWESOME date yet getting their number never appears to be a tangible option. What I am talking about here though is girls actually getting turned on over Tinder and then doing a complete 180 because they feel dirty or guilty about it. How can this be managed?

i'm gonna post the remainder of the convo because the texting is part of the problem too..

Me: Whats makes your heart sing

Her: ur face makes my heart sing

Her: lol im tudying (blah blah blah)

Her: thats  my passion

Me: Sweet! imma (major) we prolly take similar classes

Her: yeah probably thats dope

Her: are ur classes hard

Me: Organic chemistry is fuckin difficult

Me: do you take it?

Her: yeah im taking that next semester that shits gonna suck dick

Me: aww man you wanna be suckin dat good dick

Me: not orgo dick

Her: true

Me: my advice would be to use notecards

Me: I dont use those stupid pieces of paper but it actually helps

Her: yeah and I smoke weed wayy to much when I should be studying thats the problem

Me: no no

Me: I smoked weed more often my first 2 monsths of school and it was fantastic

Me: then I had to get drug tested for work

Her: oh damn thats shitty tho

Me: yeah it was rough but i powered through it

Me: fuck i need a taco im hungry

Her: chipotle

Me: dont tempt me Ill chipotle the fuck outta you

Her: (crying laughing emoji)

Me: haha I love that place we should go there

Me: we can even wear sombreros and drink margagaritas

Her: I love margaritas

Me: shiiit if you made me a margarita and tacos thatd be the key to my heart

Her: that sounds great

Me: what would you wear pumpkin

Me; taco girls need to dress to impress

Her: depends on the season

Her: I could look cute  and slutty or all bundled up and still look cute

Me: I like my tacos slutty hun

Her: good

Me: this brevity aint workin for yah beb

Her: wait what

Me: lol im playin

Me: im about to make asian rice noodle soup wish me luck

Her: that sounds interesting

Her: I work at an asian restraunt

Her: PF changs

Me: ha! no way ive heard great things but never been

Me: actually my friend practically kidnapped me and forced me to go once but it was closed

her: awee damn

Me: whats your job ms.PFsexybutt

Her: host

Her: sexy host

Me: thats ufn

Me: table for 4 please

Me: and can we get a booth     <---lookin back this isnt cool. I did it to another girl and she never responded lol it is not sexy to bring up the work place which they probably hate. Nothing more robotic than that

Her: hahah i love it. whats ur job

(we talk blah blah blah)

Me: ill txt you tomorrow and we can figure out our advanture <--kinda weak

Next day

Me: hi pumpkin butt. I hope youve had a nice lazy sunday

Me: I just made some killer salsa lol

Her: im at work ill text u in a bit

Me: k. homie

Her: k? lol

Me: :P

next day:

Me: I hope PF changs didnt kidnap yah last night

Her: lmao  no I worked 12-9:30 legit and then went to cousins and went to sleep lol

Me: ha! I thought you were tied up eating egg rolls!

Me: sup beb

Her: im getting ready to go shopping with my mom hbu

Me: sound slike fun buy somethin nice n expensive

Her: def

Me: im watching the OA on netflix its pretty freakin wild

So I definitely overwhelmed her a bit by pushing a sex based convo on her after we already sexted. Still, she seemed so hooked and then changed her attitude. totally recoverable BUT I should have had this girl begging to see me by now.

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I only read the part at the

I only read the part at the end, but "sooo tell me about your life what are you passionate about what makes your heart sing" is GAY af. I don't know how you came up with that but it's sorta bizarre 


I go in and I'm crisp, clean and my vocals are fucking coming out like music. - Anonymous MW student

- Autismus Terminus Finis (Root Cause/Cure of Autism Epidemic)

- Called Off My Wedding & Other Turn Tail Signs Of The American Male

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Why aren't you getting this

Why aren't you getting this girl out? Are you waitng for her to get so aroused that she'll ask you out on a date?

I don't get what's going on here...

And you're overdoing it on the texting, "breivty aint working for ya", no man, she's been engaging you the whole time. Re-read your texts. You're tripping homie.

You should've told her to go out wayyy back when she was sending you sexy pics. 

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Yeah MW that was fruity not

awwwwwww fuck me your right. I'm a bitch